[PS] Packs on sale!

If you play Skyforge on PlayStation, you can get your hands on heavily discounted Packs from the PlayStation Store for a limited time only! You have a good opportunity to unlock a bunch of classes!

Your discounts will double if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, with up to 60% discount available on the same Packs:

Pack Name Discount Discount with PlayStation Plus
Starter Pack 2.0 25% 50%
New horizon Collectors edition 20% 40%
Necromancer Quickplay Pack 30% 60%
Warlock Quickplay Pack 30% 60%
Alchemist Quickplay Pack 30% 60%
Revenant Quickplay Pack 30% 60%
Firestarter Quickplay Pack 30% 60%

Double the discounts, double the fun. The PlayStation Double Discounts Sale ends March 1, so don’t miss out on your chance to add these Packs to your collection!

Please note that the sale is now live for EU and NA.