[PS] Promotion: Another Man's Treasure

The journalist Pria spends almost all of her time traveling around Aelion chasing scoops, but sometimes stories come to her. Today a friend contacted her. He is a collector, and a rather big event is coming - he is almost ready to present to the world the rarest exhibits from his collection which has taken years to put together. The collection is almost complete,but the hunter of antiques has encountered certain difficulties.

Firstly, treasure hunts require people with different expertise, and the collector can no longer afford such a versatile team. Secondly, the search for the right items is sometimes fraught with mortal danger, and not every adventurer is willing to take the risk. Thirdly, the collector's long-time rival, a greedy and treacherous nobleman, also hunts for these rare items. He will certainly try to steal the treasures from under the collector's nose.

Pria can't do much about the rival, but she can help him with other problems. Knowing that your adepts have many talents and will take on even Thanatos if they need to, the journalist turns to you. If things work out, she will get a great scoop, the collector will fulfill his dream, and the rest of his fortune and part of the journalist's fee will replenish your treasury.

Help Pria until November 1 to earn upgrades for your Companion's abilities, Exoskeleton Modules, and other useful resources!





Treasure Hunter II

You can now find up to 6 treasures per day, but the contents are doubled, and the chance of receiving a legendary relic is tripled.

Fire Support II

Jar of Acid and Elemental Cocktail used by the companion in a Nightmare adventure will be 2 times more effective.