[PS] Promotion: Cursed Mind

Lawrence Yen was passionate about science from an early age and made significant progress in it quite quickly. Even in his youth, he made several breakthroughs as an engineer and inventor, and after that he continued to further his career. But the more influential he became, the more talented assistants he hired, the bigger the gulf between him and new discoveries grew. All of his theories turned out to be false time after time, and the prototypes did not work properly.

As these events became systematic, even Lawrence, a sceptic, started to believe that he was under some kind of terrible curse. Unable to deal with such a mystical phenomenon on his own, he prayed to Herida for help, and his request was heard. The merciful goddess does not know for sure whether the scientist really is cursed or some other forces are ruining his life, but she is certain that the unfortunate suffers greatly. If you help him, Lawrencae will regain peace of mind and bring many more benefits to society, but not everyone can handle this sort of problem. Thankfully you have capable people among your adepts.

Send your Adepts to help Herida until October 7 and earn a possibility to improve all non-class seals in the Cathedral!






Cuirass of the Undying
The exoskeleton has a chance to charge your companion's attack, restoring it and doubling its damage whenever you deal damage to enemies with the symbol "Emergency Maneuver: Trap" ({exoMagicNumber}% chance), and with the symbol "Emblems of Destruction" (4 times smaller chance).

Boots of the Undying
Exoskeleton speed: +15%.
Exoskeleton durability: +55%.
Melee divine and trophy weapons deal 50% more damage.

All for Science III
Improves all non-class seals in the Cathedral except the Seal of Deeds.

  • Seal of Accuracy: Divine Augmentation. Critical Chance is increased by 6%.
  • Seal of Power: Divine Augmentation. All damage dealt is increased by 6%.
  • Seal of the Trooper: Divine Augmentation. Damage in Squad adventures in increased by 10%.
  • Seal of the Veteran: Divine Augmentation. Damage in Group adventures in increased by 10%.
  • Seal of the Conqueror: Divine Augmentation. Damage in Party adventures in increased by 10%.
  • Seal of the Guard: Divine Augmentation. Incoming damage is reduced by 6%.
  • Seal of Divinity: Divine Augmentation. Divine form lasts 3 minutes longer in most adventures and 20 seconds longer in Ontes Valley.
  • Seal of Life: Divine Augmentation. Maximum health is increased by 10%
  • Seal of Speed: Divine Augmentation. Movement speed is increased by 12%
  • Seal of Progress: Divine Augmentation. The companion's recovery rate is increased by 10%