[PS] Promotion: Family Values

One morning Oliver Toon read his mail and discovered that his only relative had died suddenly, and Oliver became the new owner of all the property of the deceased.

The deceased possessed great wealth but was also quite eccentric, and his jokes were often cruel and unsettling. Therefore the new owner had mixed feelings about this fortune. His fears were immediately confirmed when he learned that the money had to be found first: it was hidden within the giant mansion that the former owner had turned into a giant, cunning death trap.
Oliver himself had hardly any money, so he could not hire experienced adventurers who would help him find the dangerous treasure. But since he had long been a devout follower of Herida and was going to donate most of his fortune to charity, Toon decided to appeal to the merciful goddess for help.

Fortunately for him, she knows you will not refuse to send a few adepts to the spooky mansion, knowing that part of the treasure, if found, will be yours.

Help Herida until August 30 to earn amazing rewards including new Divine abilities!





Cosmetic Rewards

Impregnable Defense Armor
Aelion Guardian Flag

Divine abilities

Divine Support
This is a passive ability. While it is active, the support aura affects all group members that are in the same location as you. Support classes' group abilities also work regardless of their range. But they consume Faith now.

Ether Curse
The immortal curses the target. In 9 seconds, the Curse explodes, dealing a part of the damage dealt by the immortal to the target while Ether Curse was active.
Consumes 50 points of Faith. Cooldown: 3 minutes.