[PS] Promotion: Thea-1

Thea is one of Aelion's satellites. Every day, our people can see it in the sky. Until recently Thea was a part of the mysterious and unexplored cosmos, but after Flavius invented spaceships for short-distance travel, our researchers managed to uncover a few of its secrets.

Our first base was named Thea-1. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in an attack by the local fauna. They used whatever they learned from the previous experience to make the next base, Thea-2, sturdier. It became the center of Aelion's expansion.

The largest satellite of Aelion has yet to surrender all its mysteries. However, Thea has been quite thoroughly explored, so Flavius has finally lifted the ban that prohibited mortals from visiting the planet.

That is why your adepts can respond to Professor Lazarus's call and visit the lost station Thea-1 in order to find out why the equipment in the laboratory is sending strange signals.

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


Unique Rewards

Improved Regeneration Implant will allow you to recharge group consumables, including Reanimators: it does not depend on other allies or affect them.

Adepts can bring you lots of useful items. For example, Lunar Crystals. Combine 1,000 Crystals to receive a relic for adepts.

Staggering Blow Almanac

  • Allows you to remain mounted in combat.
  • When you dismount, it stuns nearby enemies for 5 seconds.

Legendary Relics

The following Legendary Relics are available via the Fairy Tale Road Promotion, and offer amazing bonuses to your Adepts:

  • Mysterious Component
  • Artificial Intelligence Module
  • Laboratory Prototype
  • Lunar Ore

Each adept can use only one such relic.

The event runs until November 20.