[PS|SWITCH] Promotion: Frozen Wildlands

Pria knows how to find interesting stories and how best to present them to readers and viewers. This time she intends to write about a grand polar expedition taking place in the coldest part of Aelion. Many eminent geologists, biologists, climatologists and ethnographers have been living in the icy desert for some time now, exploring it with the fervor of true enthusiasts. Rare resources lie buried deep beneath the ice; frozen organisms can shed light on the past of this world; and the local nomadic tribes could be a great source of knowledge about this harsh land.

The educated public of Aelion will want to learn about the curiosities and treasures found by the scientists. However, Pria hit a bit of a snag - there is barely any access to the Aelinet in this wild land, and the dry facts received through it are unlikely to impress the audience, which means someone should go to that inhospitable region and get a first-hand impression of the challenges faced by the explorers. Thankfully your adepts can handle a mission of any magnitude, so they are perfect for the job.

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