[PS|XBOX] Promotion: Astral Order

Aelinar is home to many fortunate enough to live free of suffering, and with an excess of wealth in their pockets and free time on their hands. The capital is thus home to various orders, mystical unions, and lodges where their hidden passions burn as hotly as their cash. The Order of Renunciation has recently become increasingly popular in Aelinar, led by a charismatic leader who claims to be a prophet. Recently returned from a spiritual journey, this man readily accepts new members into his Order by seducing candidates with sacred knowledge.

A mystical flair and a slight air of danger attract more and more followers willing to accept the Order’s guidance. However, the rise of the Order of Renunciation worries Pria. Her instincts signal that the Order’s secrets are sinister in nature, but the famous journalist needs evidence, and a group of professionals who could pose as new recruits to infiltrate the secret society. Of course, she knows she can rely on the Immortals of Aelion and their Adepts for such matters!

Send your Adepts undercover to unravel the secrets of the Order of Renunciation in the Astral Order Promotion, available on PS and XBOX until April 8. Successful informants can claim epic rewards, including the Demon’s Steps and Astral Claws Exoskeleton Modules!






Demon's Steps (Exoskeleton Legs Module)

Walk where angels fear.

  • +15% Exoskeleton Speed
  • +55% Exoskeleton Durability
  • ‘Damage to Minions’ and ‘Protection against Minions’ stats increased by a percentage of the ‘Armor Fracture’ stat

Astral Claws (Exoskeleton Arms Module)

  • +30% Exoskeleton Durability
  • All summoned allies gain a Damage bonus equal to a percentage of the Armor Fracture stat

To take part in the Astral Order Promotion, open the Event interface. Godspeed, Immortals!