[PS|XBOX] Promotion: Outcast's Poison

Ianna, the goddess who safeguards peace in Aelion, faces another criminal mystery that is difficult to handle without outside help. The perpetrator behind the mysterious crimes is elusive. Clad in bizarre armor, he has been spotted in various parts of Aelion. The bastard kills people, destroys property, commits sabotage and robberies, but there is seemingly no connection between these events.

The Templars continue to interview witnesses and collect evidence, but they have learned only the most basic details and that his methods were similar to those of the Slayers from a certain closed clan. Ianna is furious this dangerous criminal is still at large, but she has few leads. She needs capable people who can handle this task. Fortunately, the goddess knows that your adepts have the skills to solve the most difficult cases.

Help Ianna until February 1 to earn amazing rewards, including Exoskeleton Modules and new Relics.







Unique Rewards


Grappling Hook
Provides a way out of a tough spot.
+9 to Constitution, +1.5% to General Defense.

Throwing Knife
A weapon and a useful tool.
+9 to Intelligence, +3% to companion damage.

Disguise Kit
A kit that can change one's life.
+9 to Perception, +3% to critical damage.

Hidden Blade
A deadly gadget that's falling apart after years of use.
+9 to Agility, +3% to main damage.

Secret Scroll
Contains information about certain techniques of the Slayers.
+9 to Constitution, +1.5% to General Defense.

Lucky Amulet
Brings luck to those who do not sit idle.
+9 to Intelligence, +3% to companion damage.

Black Pills
A miracle created by the Slayers' apothecaries. Fluoride-free.
+9 to Perception,+3% to critical damage.

Hideous Mask
Terrifies enemies and inspires allies.
+9 to Agility, +3% to main damage.

Each adept can use only one such relic.

Exoskeleton Modules

Astral Claws
The owner of these gloves sought vengeance. As an exoskeleton module, they now serve a higher purpose.
+30% Exoskeleton Durability
All summoned allies gain a Damage bonus equal to a percentage of the Armor Fracture stat

Bel'Phaar's Spine
A part of the armor set that belonged to the banished Slayer. Your technicians turned it into an exoskeleton module.
Charged by the exoskeleton, companion's attack has a chance to summon a demon that will fight for you. The demon will be attacking enemies for 15 seconds.