[PS|XBOX] Promotion: Roaring Celebration

The elder god Alcibiades is known to the people of Aelion as an unsurpassed organizer of balls, exhibitions, and noisy festivals. This god prefers events for the elite but does not shy away from entertainment for the common people. However, there is a holiday that Alcibiades has never had anything to do with - the Old Army Day.

This festival was born spontaneously, just like its traditions. The military take part in it, and since no one directs or controls them, the event often takes the form of a real disaster. According to Ianna, this rampage hurts the prestige of the army, so she pressured Alcibiades into trying and controlling the chaos, since it can't be completely avoided. Of course, to organize such a large-scale event, the organizer god has to hire multiple assistants, promising them generous fees.

He has to delve into all the established army traditions and change them, giving them a more balanced form. Therefore, the god needs not only those who will hang garlands, arrange performances, and set off fireworks, but also skilled helpers who can handle unexpected situations. Of course, Alcibiades knows you have talented adepts perfectly suited for this kind of work!

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


Unique Rewards

Pain of Aspects
After taking damage from an Emblem of Pain, the target will take 4% more damage for 15 seconds. Damage bonus is increased for every used emblem - up to a 12% bonus.

Tenacity of Aspects
When you pick up an Emblem of Protection, 10% of damage taken will be reflected while the shield granted by the emblem is active.

Mercy of Aspects
"When you pick up an Emblem of Mercy, it will increase your most wounded ally's Critical Chance by 5% for 10 seconds.

Might of Aspects
When you use an Emblem of Pain or Destruction, you will have Might of Aspects applied to you. Once you have accumulated 5 levels, you will gain an effect that makes the next activated Emblem of Pain or Destruction 50% more powerful.