[PS|XBOX] Promotion: Second Life

After bloody battles with invading armies, a lot of destroyed equipment, broken weapons and armor remain on the battlefields. Most of it is taken to scrap yards where it becomes rusty and overgrown with wild plants, but recently many have taken notice that someone is carefully collecting all this abandoned ammunition. Moreover, it is becoming more and more easy to buy restored and even modified equipment and weapons on the black market, including items that belonged not only to Aelion soldiers, but also to hostile civilizations.

Authorities are worried, and Ianna in particular is very interested in solving this mystery. She is outraged that a large number of modern weapons might end up in the hands of bandits and other criminals. In order to find the resourceful scoundrels who salvage dangerous scrap metal, the elder goddess will need the help of someone capable of matching them stride for stride. Knowing that your adepts are skillful enough for that, Ianna asks you to assist her in handling this complicated matter.

New Relics Available

Want to make your loyal Adepts even more useful? When you reach 1,600 Progress Points, you'll receive two new Relics that will allow them to bring more valuable resources! If they could only retrieve Credits, Relics, and Faith, you can now add Knowledge of Enemies and Exoskeleton Parts to that list.

When equipped with the Invasion Almanac, an Adept will be able to find Knowledge of Enemies, a useful resource that allows you to improve the Tower of Knowledge and gain a significant increase in Might. Premium Subscription bonuses will also increase the amount of Knowledge you get!
The Engineer's Almanac will give your Adept the chance to find Exoskeleton Parts during their travels. Use them to improve the quality of your Modules! Keep in mind, however, that the number of Exoskeleton Parts an Adept can retrieve is limited to no more than 40 per Season.

Equip your Adepts with Relics, give them a good rest before their journey, and send them in search of new treasures!

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


Unique Rewards

Invasion Almanac
+5 to Wisdom.+2 to Constitution.
The adept can earn Knowledge of Enemies

Engineer's Almanac
+5 to Intelligence. +2 to Wisdom.
The adept can obtain Exoskeleton Parts

Arms of Victory
Exoskeleton durability: +30%.
This Exoskeleton Module gives your Companion's charged attack a 60% chance to also apply Support Mode to two allies.

Exoskeleton speed: +15%.
Exoskeleton durability: +50%.
The companion's Support Mode is 60% more effective.

Promotion will be active on Xbox and PlayStation utill August 26.