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Recently, Terra has ceased to be an extremely dangerous place and achieved the status of simply dangerous. This event was marked by the fact that Ianna allowed Asterius's research team to set foot on the new planet for the first time. The chronicler was delighted, and his subordinates readily set to work, poking into every nook and cranny and exploring the relatively safe ruins in search of the knowledge of past centuries. Luckily for them, the ruined world is full of intriguing mysteries, encrypted databases, and reference materials.

The archaeologists can use them to try and reconstruct the picture of the mysterious past of Terra. Asterius is incredibly excited about the new research horizons, but one unpleasant event throws the expedition into jeopardy. Unknown intruders have infiltrated the research facility and stolen priceless artifacts that could be the cornerstones for understanding Terra's history. Of course, Asterius immediately called the Templars, but the law enforcement officers faced an unexpected difficulty: they found so many contradictory evidence at the crime scene that the investigation reached a dead end.

Luckily, Asterius is never stingy when it comes to helping out with this kind of trouble and knows full well that your adepts can handle everything in the most efficient manner.

Help Asterius until February 28 to earn amazing rewards, including custume, companion and Ether Transformer.





Unique Rewards

Ether Transformer

Picking up Healing Orbs temporarily increases movement speed and makes acquiring a divine weapon slightly faster.