Revenant Class Guide

The Revenant is a melee fighter that uses an enormous Axe along with its Death Magic to annihilate any who are foolish enough to cross its path. Revenants thrive on death and destruction and have absolutely no qualms about dishing them out. Their strength on the battlefield inspires allies, and strikes fear into the hearts of the enemy.



Revenants use their brute force and power to crush all who oppose them. When facing groups of weaker enemies, a Revenant can choose one of two ways to approach from a distance—either by using Dehydration to pull all enemies close while draining the life from them at the same time (keep in mind that healing from Dehydration can only happen on each second use of the ability), or by getting up close and personal by casting a Gloomy Shadow of yourself that you can then jump to and unleash a powerful attack that will knock enemies off their feet. Follow this up with either Slaughter or Destruction, then finish off any potential stragglers with Punishment and Slashing Blow. Depending on the strength of the enemies, you can also use Death’s Steward to ensure their demise.

When facing bosses, begin with Dehydration before closing the gap with Gloomy Shadow (if the enemy is far away), then unleash the power of your death magic with Death’s Steward, which draws power directly from the river of dead souls, a part of which will appear at your feet and begin to slowly drain the life force of your enemy while also increasing your power. Strike quickly with Punishment and follow up with three Slashing Blows, then repeat - if at any point during that onslaught your Slaughter gets charged up, use Punishment, followed by Slaughter, and then Punishment twice more, before returning to the normal, unempowered Punishment, and the x3 Slashing Blow combination. This specific trick only works while Death’s Steward is active though!

When the situation becomes dire, a Revenant doesn’t have much to fear. Actually, that is when they can truly shine. When your life drops low enough, you can use Dehydration to steal some of the enemy’s life force to heal your own wounds. As well as this, you can cast Embrace of Pain to shrug off, and even heal from, hostile attacks. Any sane foe would flee at the sight of somebody rejuvenated by pain, which is exactly what happens. Have fun chasing terrified enemies down with Punishment.



As a DPS class, we recommend damage-enhancing stats like Main Damage, Critical Damage, and Critical Chance.


Ability Description
Dehydration Dehydration Drains the target's life force for 3 seconds, dealing X damage every second and pulling it to the Revenant. After 3 seconds, the target will be knocked down. Each second use of the ability may restore 30% of the Revenant’s health.
Gloomy Shadow Gloomy Shadow The Revenant launches an illusion in the selected direction that moves forward 40 yards. When activating the ability again during an active illusion, the Revenant leaps towards it and deals X damage to all targets in a 6 yard radius, hammering them into the ground. The ability deals 400% more damage if the illusion has lasted at least 1.5 seconds and the target has not been hit by Dark Shadow in this fight.
Slaughter Slaughter Strikes with the axe in a 8 yard radius around themselves, dealing X damage to enemies and slowing them down. The damage is increased by 33% for each affected enemy beyond the first one, up to a 100% bonus. Cutting Strike has a 8% chance to reset the cooldown of Slaughter, making it free and instant while also boosting its damage by 100% regardless of the number of affected enemies.
Destruction Destruction Takes a few seconds to prepare a powerful blow which deals X damage to enemies in front of the Revenant and knocks them down. While the attack is being prepared, the Revenant can move forward at a reduced speed.
Punishment Punishment Inflicts X damage to the target. If the target has less than 50% health left, the damage increases by 100%. A successful finishing ability will reset its cooldown and transfer a certain amount of health to the Revenant, which depends on the defeated enemy. Activates the companion’s attack.
Slashing Blow Slashing Blow Alternating axe blows which deal X to the enemy and slow them down for 3 seconds. The Revenant’s other attacks enhance the next 3 Cutting Strikes, allowing them to restore energy and reduce the remaining cooldown of Death’s Steward and Embrace of Pain by 1 second. The third strike will inflict 200% more damage. The third enhanced Cutting Strike activates the companion’s attack.
Death’s Steward Death’s Steward The Revenant summons a deadly aura with a range of 10 yards for 12 seconds. Enemies in the area are slowed and take damage over time. The Revenant is immune to control effects, their health is increased by 70%, and their axe attacks deal 30% more damage. Energy regeneration is increased by 200%, and the cooldown of all attacks is reset.
Embrace of Pain Embrace of Pain Turns all incoming damage into healing and protects from control effects during 6 seconds. When the effect fades, all enemies within a 12 yard radius are horrified for 3 seconds.

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