Skyforge Developers Answer Your Questions - Bonus

Today we are going to lift the veil of secrecy and share some of our ideas regarding the game services, which, by the way, are already partially implemented!

Question: Will there be a skill and talent calculator on the site? And an auction integrated with the in-game one?

Answer: The existing functionality of the portal is not final and will be expanded. We want to make it possible for players to work on their character even when they are not in the game.

We know from personal experience how many different services are required as you progress through the content. We want to take a broader view of this side of gameplay and gather all useful tools on a single resource. The idea is that players should be able to check their inventory and perform various actions with items; participate in a trade, in the life of their guild; set targets in the Ascension Atlas, put together a build or redistribute character’s skills and talents. In short, to undertake any activities that are not associated with travelling to locations and fighting when you access the portal from a mobile phone, for example.

Bonus Q&A

It should be mentioned again that the portal is still under development. We want to make it as functional and convenient as possible, so the users will have no need to go to third-party sites sites in search of the required services. But implementing everything is going to take some time.

To sum it up, yes, this functional will be available, but we can’t tell you when exactly. Hopefully when the open beta starts.