Skyforge Developers Answer Your Questions Part IV

We've got more answers to the community's questions about Skyforge! This will be the fourth set of community submitted questions the development team have answered. If you haven’t had a chance to read the previous Q&A’s you should definitely take some time to read them!

And now onto the latest Q&A:

1. Will there be a class that can summon creatures to help them fight?

Yes, such class will be available. Actually, there will be a large variety of classes.

2. Will the game have a Duel mode (fair one on one fight, without the interference of other players)?

Yes, the duel mechanism is now under active development. You can challenge another player to a duel anywhere you meet them.

3. Will there be any game interaction between different servers, such as cross-server tournaments?

As we said before, our game worlds are the same for each of the operated areas. E.g., there will be one single server for the territory of Russia / CIS countries and another for North America, which means there will plenty of competitors. If, at some point, we are faced with the necessity of an international tournament, it will be a subject for discussion, but it’s too early to talk about it now.

4. Hello, I am a representative of the Pantheon guild. Our guild is looking forward to the launch of Skyforge. To catch an opportunity, I would like to ask you the following questions;

I. You mentioned that there is a social gaming network developed specifically for Skyforge. So, will the player’s recent activity be displayed in their profile? For example, the player has completed the “adventure title” adventure and scored 5 points out of 5.
There will be a separate tab for achievements in the player profile. Given that the portal is a part of the game, we can display almost any information regarding the gaming achievements of the character. In addition to that, we can display the achievements earned on the portal, such as various medals, titles and so on.

The question "What to display?" is still under discussion. Once you look at the game and get an understanding of what exactly is missing in the list of displayed achievements, we will be ready to hear your suggestions.

II. Will the profile display the player’s personal information? The name of their guild, for example.
Just like with the achievements, there is a tab for your game character on the portal. Which means the visitors of the portal will be able to see the information about you as a player of the portal and learn something useful about your character. For example, your class or your guild.

III. Will it be possible to stream game video using your gaming social network?
You can already embed videos on our portal. In the future we will try to implement other services, such as twitch.

IV. Will it be possible to use your social network to see what your friend or guild mate is doing and instantly go into the game to help them?
No, that will not be possible. The in-game social network is a portal that includes a forum and gaming services. Its interface looks the same in the browser of any device. This implies that we can view the player information while not being in the game.

And access to instances is provided via another feature, which we will talk about some time later.

5. If the servers are divided into channels, can I choose a channel for myself, if it’s available? What happens if I invite a player from another channel to a group?

If it so happens that you and your friends are in different channels in an open area, such as Dankit Island, you can just form a group and click the button that teleports you to each other. The server will do everything.

And in the case of adventures, it’s even easier. You can go there with your preformed group.

6. Will there be a system that matches players for activities based on power or rating? If yes, what are the criteria?

Like we said before, there is an indicator of character’s power, our analogue of gearscore. Matchmaking system takes into account this indicator, the current development of the character and previous performance rating for such activities.

7. In the interview with the developers you mentioned that the class change system will help balance the game. For example, if there are too many mages on the BG, people switch to assassins. That is, the game forces me to change class depending on the situation, and that is the basis of the gameplay, so playing a single class will not be convenient. Will the game force me to change class? Or can I just choose Archer, for example, and keep comfortably playing it regardless of the situation?

The game does not force anyone to do anything, and there are no artificial constraints to the class change system. Someone will want to try several classes. Others prefer to develop and hone the skills of a single class. What class to play is completely up to you.

8. Would there be any interface customization? Will it be possible, for example, to disable a panel, resize the map, hide chat, etc.?

We tried to make the interface that the player sees during a battle as informative as possible and at the same time keep it minimal. The idea is, it should not distract or interfere with the fight.

9. Will not possible to switch not to another class, but to another build within the same class?

Yes, of course you can have different builds within a class. Furthermore, you will need to do that, because different activities require different builds. If you want to tangle with another player during a PvE mission, then you might want to think about an entirely different set of skills and talents, and maybe something else. ;)

10. How is loot distributed to each party member? Won’t there be fighting for items or weapons that everyone wants?

Rewards for completing the group adventure and loot from monsters are distributed to each character individually, so it’s not one item for all involved. That eliminates disputes and conflicts, so there will be no competition for the reward.

11. Will there be peaceful activities in the midst of all that hack and slash that awaits us? Collecting, cultivating, some other mini-games?

Yes, there are peaceful ventures that will get you certain resources. Besides, to become a god, a young immortal must win the faith of his followers, because it’s the source of the character’s power. You need to find time for your believers and help them grow in their faith.

12. Is it possible to increase your inventory by completing quests (by playing and not paying)?

Yes, it is.

13. If there are no healers in the game, is there a system of recovery through meditation like it was in Blade and Soul? You crawl away from the monsters, sit down to meditate and restore your HP while other players distract the monsters. Will there be something similar in Skyforge?

In Skyforge healers are replaced by support classes. As it usually goes, the healer keeps the tank alive. In our group, the support classes maintain his defense level, and characters’ bars refill very fast when they are not in combat. Because of this, the battle tactics are significantly different. We will talk more about the classes and their roles in a group in our future articles.

Thanks for reading! If you have any more questions for the developers please feel free to post them as a reply to this topic.

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