Skyforge Update - 06/06/2018

  • The "Inghar Gold Set" have been fixed:

    • Added the Champion of Inghar challenge. You can complete it by ending up in the top 5 of the season.
    • The Champion of Inghar title is now in game. It is given to those who complete the challenge.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from progressing in the Thanatos' Ship adventure.

  • Fixed a visual issue that happened when Necromancers used the jetpack.
  • Fixed the issue where the Witch/Warlock’s legendary weapon’s spinning was interrupted during Dark Ritual.


  • You can now enter the story quest "Thanatos' Ship" through the campaign map.
  • The "Invisible Guard Attire" costume can now be sold.


  • Corrected the description of basic attacks. Added information that they slow enemies down.


  • Players can now get detailed information about a pantheon system by pressing the "i" Icon that was added to the Pantheon menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the exclamation mark (!) would be stuck in the skills tab.
  • "Members of the top 10 Pantheons (if their Pantheon’s rank is 20 or higher) can now use Pantheon Banner.
  • A player can call Pantheon banner a limited number of time a week. The banner will upgrade in accordance to the pantheons rank:

      • Rank 20 - Bronze - 1 use per member per week.
      • Rank 23 - Gold - 2 uses per member per week.
      • Rank 25 – Platinum – 3 uses per member per week.

In adventures and regions, the members of the Pantheons can call down the "Pantheon banner". While being within the banners active radius, all members of the group will receive various bonuses.

To call the Pantheon banner, open the Hyperion panel with Alt + V and activate "Pantheon banner" skill. To find out how many you have left, you can open the "Valuables" tab in the bag.

Pantheon banner bonuses:

  • Get up to 20 new followers for your cathedral when completing adventures (if the Cathedral has reached the maximum number of followers, Faith will be gained instead).
  • 5% increased chance of getting equipment with higher integrity in Squad and Group adventures.
  • 5% more marks from “Invasion” type adventures.
  • 33% increased chance of getting Legendary Aspect Jewellery.
  • Damage to enemies in ""Region Invasions"" is increased by 10%
  • Increase the amount of Ether obtained in Hostile Territories by 20% for 5 minutes."


  • Increased the minimum number of meteorites that fall during the meteor shower. It was increased from 0 to 8, to 5 to 12, and after the shower ends 5 to 10 remain on the ground.
  • Increased the life time of the meteors to 5 minutes after they fall, regardless of how many players collected it and how long the Helicers were around collecting it.
  • The attacks on the mining stations now happen at the same time. You need to protect all 3 stations to Complete the event successfully.
  • Now the Legion will attack the 3 mechanoid bases at the same time, and all attacks must be defended.
  • The protective dome can no longer be healed, but it's durability has been increased.


  • The required Prestige rank to enter "Squad", "Group", "Party", "Special Squad" and "Special Group" adventures has been reduced by 3
  • Corrected the description of the "Telurgan Rod" - Gorgonide Legendary weapon for the Lightbinder.
  • Added additional information about the reduction to the cooldown of the "Incarnation of Light" ability by 5 seconds.
  • The chest with legendary gear is no longer given out after killing Thanatos in the Junior Godhood questline.
  • The number of chat participants in large chatrooms is now displayed correctly.