Skyforge Update - 11/04/2018 - [97.7.10]

Important notes

• The Grovewalker class has been unlocked for pre-orders and owners of the Overgrowth collectors edition . Read more about the class here.

• The Aelion Day event has begun. Read more here.

• New difficulty levels have been unlocked for characters with the divine form. Read more about the difficulty levels here.

• The penalty on the reward for rank difference between a monster and a character has been removed.

• You can now complete challenges in the new Challenge System. Note! All characters located in Ontes Valley at the time of the update will need to re-enter the location to receive the correct amount of ether for Provoker and God of Provocation challenges.


• Every directive will now give you quests on Thea, the Antean Wasteland, or the invaded region. Weekly quests are now replaced by daily local quests in directives.

• The reward for weekly quests is now given in the directives.

• The directives now have two new types of quests: Special Squad and Special Group. They require a group of random allies.

• Reality Rift and other similar quests have been removed from the directives.


• Added in-game titles:

  • Founder. Available to the Early Access Pack buyers.

  • Elder God. Available to characters who unlocked higher divinity.

• Enter the Style Room to activate your title.


• Fixed the issue that caused the legendary ring Unity of Aspects to increase the critical strike chance by 1.5% max.

• Fixed the issue that prevented characters to obtain more than one jewelry aspect during the same season of invasion.

• Now jewelry aspects' duplicates can be received only after collecting all 4 jewelry aspects.


• Fixed the issue that caused the Trilia Flower to change its color upon dismounting.

• Fixed the issue that caused the Goliath to change its color upon self-destruction.


• Fixed the issue that caused the knee pads of male costume "Reapers of Death Terror Armor" to increase in size.

• Sage Headwear is now displayed correctly.

• Sleeves of the Wedding Dress are now displayed correctly.


• Fixed the animation of male characters using the Experimental Transport while out of combat.

• Fixed the animations of Kinetic's movements.


• The Spear Attack doesn't activate companion's attack.

Invaded Regions

• Fixed the issue when a low-level equipment was rewarded for destroying bosses in the invaded regions.

Ontes Valley

• Fixed the issue when the Frost Shackles failed to freeze characters in the Hostile Territories.


• Now symbols and abilities descriptions ("Symbols" page) contain instructions how to gain access to this symbol or ability. Available for locked symbols and abilities only.

• For the bloodthirsty ones. Now the color of enemies' body parts that are splashed after the Berserker's finishing strike is used depends on their blood color.

• Hyper Engine artifact's icon in the Style Room has been corrected.

• Players will receive the correct bonus loot from Operation Ophelia