Skyforge Update - 23/05/2018

Adventure Changes

Combat Superiority

The chance of acquiring Combat Superiority from Invasion Special Troops was increased from 25% to 50%

Diaphran Archipelago

Fixed a bug where a number of survivors were underwater.
Fixed a bug that caused some treasures to be submerged.

Nightmare Difficulty
In addition to the normal rewards, the Nightmare difficult now grants players an additional Chest upon completion that contains Epic level equipment with a higher than normal Chance to contain a mythical Quality Item.

Premium Ranks
Fixed a bug with the Premium Ranks not increasing the Faith income

Quest Changes
Quest "Silence on the air-8"
Diana Will no longer leave the island. If you exit the adventure, the Mission progress will be reset."

Divine Weapon Changes

Improved sword of Laertes

  • The pull-in effect now has a 5-second internal cooldown
  • Consumes 20 charges per second when dealing damage and an additional 10 charges when an enemy is pulled in.
  • Opponents that get pulled twice in a period of 10 seconds will become immunity to the pull effect for 10 seconds

Promo Changes

Intelligence Data
The cap before the drop rate of Intelligent data has been increased from 2500 to 3000.

Privacy Policy Updates
The terms and conditions of the license agreement can be found again in the "Settings" section "Additional. Information"
Players can now unsubscribe from the mailing list by Email.

Bug Fixes

Aspect of Rage

Updated the Skill description of the Aspect of Rage.

Fixed an issue that caused the ability ""Onslaught'' to not trigger it's cool down correctly.
Added a cooldown to the ""Cremation"" ability Cooldown has been increase to 5 Seconds."


Fixed the Damage of the Ability ""Easy Target"". Now does the intended amount of Damage."


The size of the Shield when hitting a second opponent with ""Stray Attack"" now Scales correctly.

Fixed the Knight's skill ""Barrier"".

Fixed a bug that caused revenant to remain large after Teleporting to a new Location While the ultimate ability was still active.


Fixed a bug where the "Verdict" skill wasn't used instantly

Fixed an issue where a monk could damage allies with the ability ""Salamander's Tail""
Implemented visualization of the duration of the slowdown from the monk's strikes"

Fixed incorrect description of Slayer's "Blade Vortex", the ability does not activate impulse charge


Gunner Shield was improved

Equipment box Issue

Fixed an issue were "Random piece of equipment" could be received when opening epic chests. The random items have also been removed from the players bags.