Skyforge - Week in Review [October 6]

Last week there were quite a few news & announcements and none bigger than the reveal of Invasions in Skyforge. But that wasn't the only news posted this week. Here is a summary of everything we revealed last week:

Invasions - Prepare for Events of Incredible Scale!
The path before a young god is a dangerous one. After months working towards the divine form, you may feel like the danger is over. The truth is, the real threat is just beginning...

Introducing Ianna - A warrior and commander.
Also one of the gods who protects Aelion, she is your ally and will help you on your journey from immortal to god!


Gods Concept Art
You've seen Gods in action but have you seen one of the original designs of the female god form in Skyforge?


Fan Art of the Week
Here is another amazing piece of Skyforge fan art that we had to share with the community last week!


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