[SWITCH] Forest Science Promotion

Until January 6, earn wings, relics, and other useful items!

Your followers constantly risk their lives, solving all kinds of problems. Usually they fight monsters and bizarre machines, but what if one day they have to face the forces of nature? Will your people be able to survive in the wilderness? Circumstances can always change, so it pays to have a few extra skills. Just to be safe.

Goddess Advisor Herida contacted you and told you about her good friend, retired Templar Captain Reinhart. This man is a legend in law enforcement circles, with his unparalleled professionalism and combat skills. When he retired, he started giving private lessons in survival for adepts. Herida believes that this training will dramatically increase your adepts' chances of success in future operations. Reinhart's rates seem reasonable, so you agree. Besides, what can possibly go wrong?

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


Third Circle Rewards



Adepts can bring slightly suspicious berries from their journeys. 500 berries can be exchanged for one of the following legendary relics: Strange Mushroom, Odd Branch, Curative Root, or Fragrant Blossom Once you have all the relics, you can exchange berries for Victor’s Medals. When the event ends, the remaining items will be automatically converted to Victor's Medals.

Unique Rewards

Plasma Feathers Experimental Transport
Allows you to use class abilities without dismounting. Lets you hover after a jump when out of Combat


Adept Relic Stats
Menar Fang +9 to Constitution, +1.5% to general defense
Templar's Medal +9 to Perception, +3% to critical damage
Marvelous Feather +9 to Intelligence, +3% to companion damage
Ancient Mechanism +9 to Agility, +3% to main damage
Curative Root +9 to Constitution, +1.5% to general defense
Old Branch +9 to Intelligence, +3% to companion damage
Strange Mushroom +9 to Perception, +3% critical damage
Fragrant Blossom +9 to Agility +3% main damage

Each adept can use only one such relic.