[SWITCH] Machavann’s Heritage Packs Available!

Clashes against the forces of Machavann are still taking place all over Aelion. The enemy will lose—they have to—but the Immortals should have the best of the best to make this happen, which is why the innovative Machavann’s Heritage Packs will be available for purchase with Argents at the in-game Market until April 1st.

Our scientists have found that the Phytonides dislike cold, but ultimately can still adapt to any climate. In fact, some Diones can even demonstrate weather-controlling abilities, which is where the brand new Cryomancer legendary weapon Altsea, Frosty Bloom comes in.

Winter Flower Pack (17,999 Argents)

Pack Content
1 • Legendary weapon: Altsea, Frosty Bloom

• 4,000 Victor's Medals

• 10 Stimulants

One day, in a village liberated from the Phytonides, a team of scientists discovered something strange. The whole settlement was covered in big red flowers that made a faint ringing sound. They were even in spots where it was impossible for plants to grow - on stone pavements, walls, steel doors. Scientists tired from traveling felt suddenly invigorated, which led to the Order of Lightbinders taking an interest in the plants’ properties. Together with Flavius’s biologists, they have developed Florentis, Dryad Song for their Lightbinder comrades.

Tree of Life Pack (11,999 Argents)

Pack Content
2 • Legendary weapon: Florentis, Dryad Song

• 7 Days of Premium Subscription

• 300,000 Credits

• 3,000 Knowledge of Enemies


Altsea, Frosty Bloom

Using various abilities, the character gains special charges which increase the duration of the Whiteout ability. Charges are also accumulated over time. The ability can now be disabled manually.

Florentis, Dryad Song

Using Pulsating Flare and Particle of Light has a chance of creating a blossom near the Lightbinder which increases damage dealt by the ally who picks it up.

You can buy these game-changing weapons at the in-game Market until April 1st.