[SWITCH] New Cards Available in the Hall of Trophies

You need a lot of power and different tools to help mortals and protect them from the Phytonides. Take a look at new cards now available via the Hall of Trophies in Skyforge on Nintendo Switch. They'll be very helpful!

  • Trail of Legends. A Divine Weapon "Asterius’s Glyph" previously available via Promotion. It has 200 charges and three abilities:
    Omen: sets off a wave that spreads quickly. Enemies in the way take damage and have Mark of Doom applied to them that lasts 10 seconds. Mark of Doom slows enemies down, making them more vulnerable to damage from any divine weapon. The more effects they have, the greater the damage. Each Mark of Doom applied to the enemy gives you a chance of receiving resources for upgrading equipment or an increased amount of Knowledge of Enemies. Consumes 20 charges.
    Divine Punishment: fires at enemies in front of the character, dealing damage. Targets with Mark of Doom are attacked first. While this ability is active, the character’s movement speed is reduced. Consumes 30 charges.
    Preacher: consumes the remaining charges, throwing the glyph at the target or in a straight line. The glyph deals damage to enemies in the way and knocks them down. When it reaches the target, the glyph explodes, applying a negative effect to them that deals damage over time. If the target is affected by Mark of Doom, critical chance against them will be increased by 15% for the next 10 seconds.
  • Steel Giant I. Goliath Heavy combat Mount. Thanks to its transforming module, the suit has two modes and can be used both for fast traveling and for Battles, and the retractive arm will help you deal with ranged enemies.


  • Steel Giant II. Flavius’s Emitter Upgrade. A Divine Weapon previously available via Promotion. Improved Flavius’s Emitter has 20 Unstable Particles and the following abilities:
    Particle Emission: forms a particle ray, dealing damage to the first enemy in the ray’s way every 0.25 seconds, consuming 1 level of Unstable Particles and (with a small chance) recovering part of the charge required to generate Unstable Particles. The damage grows by 20% for each 0.25 seconds the ray is active, up to a 140% bonus. Deals more damage if the ray is maintained over 5 seconds. Damage from the ray applies a negative effect to the target which reduces their damage dealt. The effect stacks up to 50% damage reduction and lasts up to 10 seconds.
    Particle Pull: increases the level of Unstable Particles at a growing rate. Over 3.5 seconds of uninterrupted use of ability, it accumulates 20 levels of Unstable Particles. Consumes 20 charges of Flavius’s Emitter every 0.5 seconds.
    Impulse Spiral: launches a projectile in the selected direction which explodes after hitting an obstacle or the first enemy in the way, stunning all enemies in a 15 yard radius and inflicting damage. Consumes the remaining charges and ends the duration of Flavius’s Emitter.
  • Thea-1. Improved regeneration Implant. Allows you to recharge group consumables including Reanimators: it does not depend on other allies or affect them.
  • Biohazard I. Indispensable Assistant. Items that can save your life or give you an advantage in combat should not be wasted! Chance of obtaining an emblem from your enemy is increased by 15%, and when it appears, your companion pulls it towards you. When your health is low, the companion finds the nearest healing orb, pulls it towards you and strengthens its effect (only once every 40 seconds).
  • Biohazard II. Personal Medic. Right after a battle, your companion will provide you necessary aid: they will restore your health and dash charges, as well as your finishing attack, Divine Healing, and Willpower abilities. They will save your spark if you die in battle while your divine form is active. You can use the remaining time of the spark for free and complete the adventure.
  • Battle of engineers. Storm Pegasus. Increases the character’s movement speed by 110%. Allows you to dash. Has its own set of abilities.

Explore the Hall of Trophies today on Nintendo Switch today to help drive your adventures ever forward!