[SWITCH] Promotion: Crime and Punishment

It is a difficult year for all the villains of Aelion - in addition to the omnipresent Templars and immortals, some self-proclaimed avenger has started hunting down evildoers. Inveterate scoundrels and thugs vanished, and their mutilated bodies were later found deep in the woods. It was clear that the unfortunates tried to leave the forest and fell into skillfully placed traps or got attacked by wild animals and monsters.

The Templars are at their wits' end trying and failing to find and stop the resourceful and brutal crime fighter. Ianna is not at all happy that some impostor is taking the law into their own hands, lynching criminals while eluding her subordinates. She decided to bring in experts capable of solving this kind of problems. She knows your adepts are some of the best trackers out there, so she counts on your assistance.

Help Ianna until August 30 to earn amazing rewards, including a Master of the Thicket helmet and boxes with legendary Jewelry.





Unique Rewards

Casket with Legendary Jewelry
Contains a random item from the list.

  • Valor of Aspects Ring: Your critical attacks apply Valor of Aspects to you. The effect stacks up to 20 times. If the health of an ally within 20 yards drops below 35%, you will instantly spend all the accumulated charges, restoring 1% of health for each charge.
  • Tactics of the Aspects Brooch: Companion deals 5% more damage for every strong enemy and player (including allies) within 10 yards. The bonus cannot exceed 25%.
  • Determination of Aspects Amulet: You apply a negative effect to your target. Damage to this target is increased by 5% until the end of the fight or their death. This effect can be applied to one target at a time.
  • Method of Aspects Bracelet: Trophy weapons deal 150% more damage to targets with less than 50% of health.

Duplicate items cannot be obtained from the chest. If you already have all of the items, you will receive Victor's Medals.