[SWITCH] Promotion: Fugitive's Trail

For a long time, fate favored Conrad, a native of Aelinar who decided to dedicate his life to serving society. He became a Templar. Thanks to his courage and determination, he quickly moved up the career ladder. On his way to a high rank, Conrad formed many friendships and bonds, and found personal happiness with a kind and gentle girl. When it seemed like the Templar's life couldn't be better, he suddenly abandoned his post and fled without explanation. He also took an experimental exoskeleton model with him.

After hearing about the incident, Ianna did everything in her power to keep the news of the escape from spreading to the general public. Concerned about the reputation of the Templar brotherhood, the warrior goddess decided to seek outside help instead of opening an official investigation. Ianna asks you to send your most reliable and experienced adepts after Conrad. They need to track down the fugitive and find out his motives.

From June 15 to June 29, help Ianna to receive a new Exoskeleton modules and useful valuables!!

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


Unique Rewards

Light of Aelion
An experimental exoskeleton designed specifically for the Templars.
If you use Emblems of Pain from a distance of over 18 yards, the exoskeleton has a chance to charge your companion's attack, restoring it and increasing its damage 2 times for every emblem you throw.

Protector's Steps
A module that allows selfless Templars to tirelessly pursue criminals.
Exoskeleton speed: +15%.
Exoskeleton durability: +50%.
The companion's Support Mode is 60% more effective.