[SWITCH] Promotion: Protected Secrets

If you have an interest in archeology, you must have heard of Alberta Williams. This treasure hunter is a real scourge of any archaeological group. She has crossed the path of the chronicler god Asterius many times. Her latest adventure in the wilds almost cost Alberta her life, but fans of the scandalous archaeologist already know from social networks that she has successfully escaped the savages and is preparing for a new journey.

The news about Alberta's new adventure does not please Asterius - the god is seriously concerned. Right now he is overseeing several expeditions on Aelion, and he rightly fears that the treasure hunter can disrupt some of them for her momentary gains: in her attempts to get rich or find a new curiosity for someone else's collection, Williams often destroys masterpieces of ancient architecture and sets historical research back years.

Asterius believes he will need assistants who can track down the tomb raider and warn her against interfering in the course of historical work. Luckily for him, you have a group of competent specialists at your disposal.

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


Unique Rewards

Last Barrier
These exoskeleton gloves are crafted using technology found in the main temple of the Amulet Cult.
Exoskeleton durability: +35%.
Charged companion's attack additionally applies Defense Mode to you regardless of the selected mode. The Defense Mode effect applied to you lasts longer.

Pillar of the World
This part of the exoskeleton is made from parts of ancient defense mechanisms which provide extra protection.
Exoskeleton speed: +50%.
Exoskeleton durability: +65%.
Charged by the exoskeleton, companion's attack applies up to two levels of Reactive Layer to you.
If you have two levels of the Reactive Layer effect, using Reflective Barrier will remove it, pulling all enemies within 20 yards towards you and taunting them for 8 seconds.

The event ends on December 7.