[SWITCH] Promotion: Secrets of the Wasteland

The Great Wasteland is mysterious and dangerous. Few would willingly settle there, among the endless sands, wild tribes, and monstrous creatures, and so very little is known about the place. The small city of Akkara, a haven for hermit mages, has been lost among the sands for centuries. Many believe the legends to be nothing but rumors, but Metarchus knows the place is real.

Metarchus himself visits Akkara on occasion—the hermits explore the magical pathways of Aelion, so they always have something to discuss. On his last visit to the city, the god of magic brought them an unusual artifact he discovered during his travels through Aelion and asked them to study it while he hurried back to Aelinar to attend a Council meeting.

After that, the people of Akkara stopped answering Metarchus's call. What was this artifact, and what has it done to the mages of Akkara? If your adepts could shed light on this alarming development, he would be very grateful for your help.

From now until March 18, help Metarchus investigate Akkara and receive the divine weapon Cyrus’s Blades, Liquid Flame Stimulants, and useful game valuables.






Cyrus's Blades

When the weapon is activated, it creates five portals that spawn fire blades. Each blade flies towards a target with the least amount of health in the selected area, dealing damage to all enemies in the way. Deals twice as much damage to monsters as to immortals.

Liquid Flame Research

This item unlocks Liquid Flame Stimulants. On the first activation, you'll receive 10 stimulants, followed by 35 stimulants per week. Stimulants will be delivered every Wednesday.

Liquid Flame Stimulant

When used, it increases your maximum health by 30% for 10 minutes. If a support aura is active, it increases the maximum health of your allies within range by 15%. The effect does not stack if several auras are active. You will not lose the effect upon death.

  • available in divine form
  • cooldown: 60 seconds
  • only one Stimulant can be active at a time.