Tips from Flavius: Stats and Equipment

Flavius returns this week to share his knowledge of how to pick the correct stats and equipment! We’ve already discussed both Regions and Group activities but it’s time to discuss the player’s development instead of Aelion’s etiquette.

Tip 1. Development of the character is split among three components of power: Equipment, the Ascension Atlas, and the Order. Pushing only one of these and ignoring the rest is less than ideal – Characters should attempt to be evenly developed.

Tip 2. Typically a character will naturally acquire enough Might & Stamina but getting the most from a class and chosen build will require picking the right advanced (Strength, Valor, Luck, Spirit) and special (Critical Hit Chance, Attack Efficiency, Survivability, etc.) statistics!

Skyforge Flavius Tip 2

A list of all stats is available on the Equipment tab of the character menu (I).

Tip 3. The easiest way to regulate a set of advanced stats is through the use of suitable rings. Special stats, on the other hand, require changing the currently active temple as well as taking into account any bonuses provided by rings.

Skyforge Flavius Tip 3

Tip 4. It is better to focus on a pair of advanced stats that are often attached to rings such as Luck and Strength - Using these stats would allow more significant critical damage. Additionally, chapels could be used to increase Accuracy and Critical Hit Chance to get even more out of these two stats.

Skyforge Flavius Tip 4

Tip 5. Use rings that possess stats needed for a specific build and do not rush to equip new ones, especially if the currently equipped rings are of a high quality.

Tip 6. Critical or Impulse damage? Figuring out which one to choose requires looking at each classes abilities along with having an understanding of a desired playstyle.

Impulse damage has a greater importance for tanks and support as their base damage is much lower than that of other classes. Typically, there will be breaks between their attacks (if they need to refresh their shields, for instance) and impulse damage retains its effectiveness in this situation.

Skyforge Flavius Tip 6

Critical damage is especially useful in conjunction with classes that have abilities or talents that increase their chance of critical attacks (e.g. Kinetic and Slayer).

Example: The Witch's main ability, Taint, may occasionally inflict critical damage and, in the Extermination Stance, four instant-cast abilities activate impulse damage. This means it’s possible to focus on Strength & Luck (this will significantly increase the critical damage produced by all of the player’s abilities) and on Luck & Spirit (critical hits will be weaker, but impulse attacks will inflict great amounts of damage).

Tip 7. Bonus damage proves beneficial for classes whose damage grows depending on the target‘s health (e.g. Archer). For tanks, this means inflicting higher damage during the start of a fight which, when used with special stats that increase health and shield efficiency, will increase the odds of surviving a difficult battle.

Tip 8. It’s possible to enhance some of the most commonly used abilities in a class’s arsenal via appropriate Amulets. Over time, four Amulet slots will become available.

Skyforge Flavius Tip 8

Additional Amulet slots can be unlocked by collecting 100 Ether Crystals per slot – Ether Crystals can be earned from defeating enemies.

Tip 9. Trophies increase a player’s effectiveness at defeating members of the invading armies.

Skyforge Flavius Tip 9

Trophies can be obtained by killing monsters of the corresponding army.

Tip 10. Do not combine Enhancement Stones right away – Equipment is upgraded progressively, in steps (Rank 1, Rank 2, and so on).

Skyforge Flavius Tip 10

Tip 11. Additional weapons increase maximum health, main weapon improves damage, and Rings increase advanced stats. Deciding what to upgrade first is up to the player!

Tip 12. Each class has its own weapons (Main & Additional) and Amulets. Changing these pieces of equipment will only affect that specific class.

Skyforge Flavius Tip 12

Tip 13. Received items for a class that’s not currently being played? Change classes and equip them! It saves inventory space and those items may potentially prove useful in the future!

Tip 14. Players seeking to develop their Order, receiving substantial bonuses to Stamina and Might in the process, should remember to acquire nodes that award Greatness from the Ascension Atlas!

Skyforge Flavius Tip 14a

Skyforge Flavius Tip 14b

Tip 15. Proficiency, which can be acquired by unlocking both Green and Red nodes in the Ascension Atlas, is required to equip items relevant to a player's current prestige.

Skyforge Flavius Tip 15

Tip 16. All players should be sure to expand the number of unlocked symbols they possess. Symbols provide powerful passive bonuses that can significantly increase survivability, damage, as well as various other benefits.

Skyforge Flavius Tip 16

Players gain an additional two symbol slots for each fully developed class.

This concludes Flavius’s tips for Stats & Equipment! Let us know if this edition of Tips from Flavius was useful, which information was new for you, and what would you like to read about in future issues.