[XBOX] Promotion: Sky Glass

Recently, Aelion astronomers witnessed an amazing natural phenomenon - a meteor shower. A whole cluster of small celestial bodies did not burn up in the atmosphere, showering the planet with fragments. They did not cause serious damage, but some enthusiasts who traveled to the crash sites discovered incredible green crystals in the impact craters. They must have formed when the meteorite came in contact with local rocks.

The initial analysis provided interesting results, but the scientists did not have enough samples to continue the research. It's hard to keep these things secret, and soon the news of the amazing crystals spread. A hunt for the crystals began - professional scientists, adventurers, crooks, and even invaders all started looking for these precious fragments. It was greed versus scientific interest.

Herida was approached by a group of researchers interested in studying the gifts from the sky. Fearing that the crystals would be snapped up by private collectors, the scientists asked the merciful goddess for help. Herida turned to you, knowing that your adepts always accomplish what they set out to do.

Help Herida study mysterious crystals until November 20 to earn amazing rewards, including a Sky Traveler Costume and new relics for your adepts.






Adepts may bring back Sky Crystals from their journeys. 300 Sky Crystals can be exchanged for Legendary Relics. Once you have all the Relics, you can exchange your crystals for Victor's Medals. When the event ends, all remaining jewels will be automatically converted to Victor's Medals.

The following Legendary Relics are available via the Sky Glass Promotion, and offer amazing bonuses to your Adepts’ Superiority, Perception, Critical Damage, Main Damage, Companion Damage, General Defense, Agility, and Intelligence:

  • Menar Fang
  • Carved Figurine
  • Vird's Dagger
  • Rodent's Treasure
  • Small Cocoon
  • Runite
  • Lucky Flask
  • Thug's Amulet