[XBOX] Promotion: Sun of the Dungeons

Wardens of Elements are common dwellers of Aelion. Who hasn’t seen these beautiful, powerful creatures? The people of our planet consider them some kind of elemental animals, but their origin is much more interesting than that.

Centuries ago, a global catastrophe of immense proportions destroyed all free ether and all mages on Aelion. The mages who were immortal were reborn as various Wardens of Elements depending on the magic they practiced.

Aeli himself saw great potential in them. He built several test areas in order to study them extensively. Aeli was especially interested in the Wardens of Fire and Light, as he considered them the most powerful of these elemental entities.

Flavius supports the idea that studying the Wardens could be instrumental in various scientific breakthroughs, but recently he has lost contact with the group of scientists he sent to Borru Catacombs.

September 2 to September 16, help Flavius locate a group of scientists to unlock new divine abilities, relics for adepts, and other valuables!

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


Unique Rewards

Divine ability: Shackles of Light

Turns the enemy into a crystal, immobilizing and silencing them for 10 seconds. The target also gains a shield - if you destroy it, the transformation effect ends prematurely. When the crystal is destroyed, the enemy is freed, and all nearby enemies take damage from the fragments.

Divine ability: Solar Warden

Summons a Warden that fights on the player’s side. The Warden deals damage to random nearby targets with beams, and it can also spawn a flare that deals damage and provokes affected targets into attacking it. The Warden becomes stronger after every attack it performs, increasing damage up to 500% of the base value. You can summon the Warden only if you are traveling alone.

Legendary Relics

Borru Ring

  • +9 to Perception,
  • +9073 to Superiority,
  • +3% critical damage bonus.

Bright Shard

  • +9 to Constitution,
  • +9073 to Superiority,
  • +1.5% to general defense.

Solar Crystal

  • +9 to Intelligence,
  • +9073 to Superiority,
  • +3% companion damage bonus.

Star of Lucian

  • +9 to Agility,
  • +9073 to Superiority,
  • +3 main damage bonus.

Each adept can use only one such relic.