[XBOX] Promotion: Voice of the Aelinet

Millions of people visited his site every day, but no one knew his real name. The blogger called himself Zero, stressing his anonymity and desire to remain in the shadows.

His site, "Shelter", was a place where numerous conspiracy theories were discussed. Most theories were harmless: the Aelion people spring from the Stobors; Flavius is a space octopus; stones can be eaten, but the gods are hiding this fact. But one particular idea about the Mantides lurking in the underground tunnels struck home. In an attempt to help the immortals unravel this mystery, Zero broke his own safety rules, got captured and killed.

Then Pria, Aelion’s leading reporter, discovered that the Shelter was back online, and someone calling himself Zero was interacting with users again.

With the help of the specialists of the Research Center, Pria located the whereabouts of the mysterious user who posed as the dead blogger. She asks your adepts to investigate this matter in the name of her fellow seeker of truth.

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


Unique Rewards

Artifact: Overload Module

  • Increases damage by 35%.
  • Increases health by 300%.
  • Bonus to companion damage is increased by 15%.
  • As long as your health is above 40%, your companion fires 3 shots at the most wounded enemy within 25 yards every few seconds, spending 1.5% of your maximum health on each shot.
  • The shots deal as much damage as companion’s basic attack, but one shot can be boosted using a symbol that modifies this attack.

The event runs till March 14.
To take part in the Voice of the Aelinet, open the Event interface in-game.