Operations stand apart from the quest system found in other regions of Aelion. Operations are specialized groupings of quests that, when completed, grade a players performance. This value determines both the players operation rank, and the rewards they will receive for achieving that rank. Some Operations are directly dependent upon the completion of other operations, and can only be unlocked by meeting certain requirements. To gain access to these operations, discover the necessary prerequisites, and complete them. Some may require completing with a specific skill level and require multiple runs.

Players beginning an operation should note that operations last 2 weeks, and only one operation can be in progress at any given time. As each operation lasts 14 days, operations require a level of commitment not found in regional quests. Completing squad, group, or invasion adventures in an operation awards operation tokens [LINK] that can be used to further increase a players rank or improve their rewards. Players involved in an operation should focus on completing the higher priority tasks. These can be found via the Aelion Globe.

For a list of the different Operation Ranks and their rewards, peruse the list below:

Rank Personal Progress (Daily) Total Progress (Daily) Upgrading Your Rank (once during an operation)
1 500 Knowledge of Enemies 10,000 Credits 100 Argents
2 600 Knowledge of Enemies 15,000 Credits 150 Argents
3 700 Knowledge of Enemies 25,000 Credits 200 Argents
4 800 Knowledge of Enemies 35,000 Credits 250 Argents
5 1,000 Knowledge of Enemies 50,000 Credits 300 Argents
6 1,250 Knowledge of Enemies 75,000 Credits 350 Argents
7 1,500 Knowledge of Enemies 100,000 Credits 400 Argents
8 2,000 Knowledge of Enemies 150,000 Credits 500 Argents

Rewards awarded within an Operation are anything but static. Players completing an operation can receive in addition to the normal rewards and Operation Tokens-- Credits, Argents, and Knowledge of Enemies. Players also have a small chance of increasing their rewards anywhere from 500% to 2,000% !!