Patch Notes - Return of the Serpent Queen

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Known Bugs



As you know, Prestige is the main indicator of the character’s power which grows with each season. In Season 9, some players could reach a billion Prestige! While it sounds impressive, such numbers can be hard to read.

“Old” Prestige will stay the same: it will be called “points of Prestige” which you earn to reach the next rank.
So, for example, if you had 109 million Prestige before the update, you will be Rank 127 (Prestige points: 109 000/116 000) afterwards. Which means that once the character gains 116 million points of Prestige, they will reach Rank 128. To make keeping track of your points easier, we added a new progress bar to the interface

  • Prestige is now measured in units that are easier to read. Actual values of Prestige for the new invasion will be between 140 and 150. Previous Prestige value is called “points of Prestige”. It is displayed as a progress bar next to the Prestige indicator.
  • Fixed the issue where players that fall behind in Prestige did not receive Military Development Projects in reward for fulfilling directives. We will do a recalculation at the start of the next season of the invasion.
  • Bases on Thea now have tabards ready for the next Pantheon War.
  • You can now survey the equipment, stats, symbols and adepts of another character. To do this, aim at the character, press “G” and select Character Info in the menu.
  • Bonuses to Might in the Hall of Trophies now add 2, 2, 3 and 3% per rank (making it, +2%, +4%, +7% +10% instead of 1, 2, 3, 4%).
  • Trewang's Idol and Flavius's Emitter are now cheaper (12 000 Victor's Medals instead of 20 000).
  • Legendary weapon is back in the Wardens of the Wasteland Collector's Edition.
  • Fixed the issue where enhancements received in the Cathedral worked in the Battle of Equals.
  • Fixed the issue where the remaining spots in a group could not be filled in distortions and in battle against the avatar.
  • Fixed the issue where players could still gain followers after reaching the season limit. The limit of Season 9 is 200 000 followers.


  • Invasion and operations interface has been updated.
  • Market interface has been updated:
  1. The description of the selected item is now displayed in a separate block, and the required quantity can be specified directly in the purchase window.
  2. Sale tab has been removed. Items can now be sold from the bag in the relevant mode.
  • The Order tab now contains information about current Faith.
  • Photo Mode can no longer be enabled when changing appearance.
  • You can now zoom in and out with the camera in Photo Mode on the PS4 and PC in the Controller Support mode.
  • Improved animation and context actions for free class skills; the number of charges is now displayed.
  • There is now music in the Style Room.
  • The character creation interface now has extra face options.
  • The background is now blurred when you open the radial menu.
  • Improved the visual appearance of the map.
  • Fixed the issue where status effects on a target were not displayed when that target was selected again.
  • Mouse scrolling speed increased in the class switch module.
  • Fixed the issue where an item from the list of available equipment could not be equipped.
  • Fixed Prestige indicators for Pantheon academy members.
  • Fixed the issue where the “Learn Ability” and “Go to quests” buttons in Flavius' Laboratory could overlap.
  • Other players’ negative effects on the target are now hidden.
  • Improved the visual appearance of the radial menu and emotion icons.
  • Fixed the issue where a completed class quest would not disappear from the quest list.
  • Bonus per level at the Tower of Knowledge is now displayed correctly. Interface now displays the correct number.
  • Fixed the issue where the shield durability from the Emblems of Protection symbol was calculated incorrectly.
  • Fixed the issue where the Berserker Mode would sometimes not be activated in a fight against a single enemy.
  • Fixed the issue where Chain Lightning and Neuromodulation Implant would not get activated if the target died from a companion’s attack.
  • Original Interface Theme - Adjusted the contrast of the font in messages from NPCs.



Fixed the issue where Protective Membrane was not interrupted by movement.


Fixed the issue where ghostly vipers would not redirect damage to themselves.


Fixed the issue where it was impossible to receive the quest that unlocks Fractal Shrapnel ability.


Fixed the issue where the camera would not stop shaking after the Seismic Explosion ability was used.


  • Fixed the issue where the shield durability from the Emblems of Protection symbol was calculated incorrectly.
  • Fixed the issue where the Berserker Mode would sometimes not be activated in a fight against a single enemy.
  • Fixed the issue where Chain Lightning and Neuromodulation Implant would not get activated if the target died from a companion’s attack.


  • You can now receive a random item of equipment for defeating any boss (before, only the last boss in adventure would drop a weapon). The last bosses now have a certain chance to drop 2 items.
  • Changed the appearance of emanations in optional tasks.


  • Fixed the issue that caused Thanatos’s hand to become invisible.
  • Fixed the issue where Thanatos could not visually turn towards the character.
  • Storyline - When fighting the Thanatos’s avatar, his hand will now remain on the platform longer.

Antean Wasteland


  • Fixed the issue where spears would not spawn.
  • The boss’s immunity to damage now lasts 3 minutes instead of 5.
  • The boss no longer summons worms.
  • Poisonous pools will inflict more damage if the character stands in them for too long.
  • Players who remain outside the platform during the boss battle will no longer receive the reward. Having the quest in your quest list does not guarantee that you will receive the reward. The marker for automatic movement to the place where you fight Eternis will remain at the top, outside the battlefield. However, players who stay in that spot will not receive the reward for defeating the boss.


Lugran Research Base

Fixed the issue where characters could get stuck in a column.


  • The companion’s Revive Master ability has been improved. When a character is not part of a group they can resurrect in battle once a day. They recover part of their health, gain a shield, and enter a state of rage for 7 seconds, which increases their damage dealt.
  • Additionally, the updated ability now allows you to resurrect using Temporal Compensators once per battle! Resurrection using an enhanced Temporal Compensator restores more health points and the state of rage lasts 10 seconds.


  • Conditions for Pantheons to be on the list of academies have been simplified. Now you only need 10 people that have logged in the game in the last 2 days.
  • Some of the free spots for academy members have been moved from Pantheon’s rank 5 to rank 4.


Requests for help have been removed from the game: quests in Bastions can now be completed an unlimited number of times (until the last available bonus for this season is unlocked).


Starting equipment (no season) and first season modifiers have been changed. No-season item stats cannot be higher than the corresponding first-season item stats.

Game Settings

  • Deleted the redundant button: Target Tracking.
  • Added caption to the Inverted Camera button (there was no text there before).


  • Transformation into divine form is now bound to the RB button on the divine abilities panel.
  • Group markers command has been remapped to LT (hold) + DPAD UP.
  • Target group members command is assigned toLT (hold) + LB.
  • Lock on next target command has been removed from the game.
  • Added an option that allows you to adjust controller's built-in speaker volume.
  • If you have an open adventure card on the screen, opening the main menu will close it.


  • Hornscutes, Ghals, and Argali have been grouped into a new category: Animals.
  • All mounts in a category share unlocked skills and health bonus. So if you have an animal with a speed of 205%, all mounts of this type will move at the same speed.
  • Hornscute upgrade from the Winter Survival Pack now works for all the animals.


  • The visual appearance of Trewang’s Idol can now be enabled and disabled in the Style Room, decorations section.
  • Improved the visual appearance of the dark Griffin. It should now have darkened wings and spotless armor.


  • Only players with unlocked divine form can now receive directives of the Council of Gods. If the character has not unlocked their divine form but already started receiving directives before the update, they will continue to receive them
  • Fixed the issue where switching classes in divine form would cause the class resource to regenerate at an incorrect rate

Known Bugs

  • Recommended Prestige on the Invasion screen is displayed in points and not ranks.
  • Some players may experience difficulty activating their transport: mounts, Ghals, Gravicycles, Special Gliders.
  • Some texts in the game is still in Russian, this will be fixed in coming updates.
  • The Rudiments of Botany promotion text is missing.