Patch Notes - Update May 3rd & 18th

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Update May 18th (V.90.1.110)

ImportantTower of Knowledge & CathedralThea - DirectivesOther

Update May 3rd (V90.1-hotfix.57)

Distortions - Cathedral - Tower of Knowledge - Thea - Storyline - Divine SpecializationsClassesVisualizationOther

Update May 18th (V.90.1.110)


  • Class temple development method revised: Now all abilities and talents follow each other without forks. In addition, new quests are automatically activated. You no longer need to regularly visit the temple to explore talents and get quests. The system does it all for you - you just need to read the description of the new node.
  • Interface notifications about receiving abilities and talents have been added.
  • Due to the revision of class temples a mass exploration of abilities was carried out. All characters who had taken at least one class node, received all the abilities of the corresponding temples (with the exception of the Aelerium-9 ability), along with the corresponding costumes. A pleasant effect accompanying the upgrade!

Tower of Knowledge & Cathedral

  • Number of available rituals for the Great research and Great rituals has been increased by 1. Thus, those who had 3/4/5 rituals or research, will now have 4/5/6 respectively depending on your premium rank.
  • Number of Great studies and Extensive Research restored "Replenish Now" command, also increased by 1.
  • The cost for Great rituals has been reduced to 150,000 credits (was 200,000).
  • The cost for Great research has been decreased to 3000 knowledge of enemies (was 3,500).
  • The amount of available Great rituals and Extensive Research can now stack up to 20.
  • The cost of obtaining new rituals and research reduced to 2 for the first use of stimulants. However, repeated use of the command "Replenish now" more expensive. 3, 5, 8, stimulants for the second, third and fourth use. The maximum cost will not rise above 8 stimulants.
  • The seals from the Cathedral no longer give bonuses to characters who are on the Thea or Anthean Wasteland.


Rethiarius Fragments can now be gathered when receiving the Base Hack quest and after completing the New Data chain, but no more than once daily. Fixed the issue where this change, which entered the game with the previous update, did not work properly. Note, the reward of 1000 Aelerium-9 for the New Data line is only given for the first 7 hacks. This is not a weekly quest.


  • Fixed an issue where the reward for a special directive could be given without taking premium rank into account.
  • Fixed the issue where the reward for completing a Council of Gods directive could lack construction resources. The number of resources has been increased from 15 to 20.


  • The Bloodied Blade effect no longer remains on a character when the artifact is changed.
  • Glowing Eyes added to the male version of the Archon divine form.
  • Fixed the confusion in the Archon divine form color option icons.
  • The premium subscription interface now displays data on subscription end date and how long left until then. This change has helped us fix the issue whereby the premium window could display incorrect information.

Update May 3rd (90.1-hotfix.57)

The catch-up system has been improved. Now players that are starting out or lagging behind can speed up the Cathedral and Tower of Knowledge development!

Distortions - Operative Secutor Focus

The portal droid will now pull characters even if they are the only ones in a group.


  • Added new probable rewards for rituals: Focus of Faith, Mysterious Chest , Ancient Ancient Chest, Detailed Map Fragments.
  • The number of followers you can get for a ritual has been recalculated. You can now earn much more Might than before.

Tower of Knowledge

Added new probable rewards: Hypercube (contains Victor's Medals and Stimulants), consumables.


Bastion quest markers have been added.


Mechanical Evil
Players can now find Zero's Helmet at the Tau Experimental Station.

People and Gods
Fixed the issue where completing the Step into the Sky quest was not counted.

Divine Specializations - God of Machines

Fixed the issue where the Astrophysical Expertise talent did not sufficiently reduce the duration of Hyperion module cooldown.

Classes - Outlaw

  • Fixed the issue where using the Barrage ability would trigger cooldown but the ability would not be activated.
  • Fixed the issue where abilities might not be activated when keys are held down for a long time.


The color, size and material of divine form should be displayed correctly at a low frame rate.


Fixed the issue where some characters would not receive quests on Thea and in the Antean Wasteland.