Path to immortality


To get ahead in Skyforge, focus on the following:

  • Might
  • Gear
  • Prestige
  • Symbols
  • Divine Specializations
  • Hall of Trophies
  • Flavius's Laboratory

Each selection individually offers unique values, and all sections when taken together, are necessary to progress through to the endgame.


Might is the basic measure of a players "raw" power. That 'raw power' is converted and refined by a multiplier effect. The greater a players might, the greater the multiplier a player has upon gear stats.

Players have a few options when it comes to increasing Might:

  1. Upgrading the Cathedral
  2. Upgrading the Tower of Knowledge
  3. Upgrading Bastions in the Provinces
  4. Hall of Trophy Bonuses

When players upgrade either the Cathedral or Tower of Knowledge, they invest currencies into the buildings in order to receive a permanent boost in might. The percentage awarded is tiny, but stackable. Leveling milestones, when met, award additional Might.

Upgrade the Cathedral by clicking on the Upgrade button. Upgrading the Cathedral costs Credits

Upgrade the Tower of Knowledge by clicking the Upgrade button. Upgrading the Tower of Knowledge costs Knowledge of Enemies.

Upgrade Bastions in the different Provinces of Aelion by finding, beginning, and completing region specific quests. These quests will level up your bastions, and grant a small might bonus.

After a players Cathedral and Tower of Enemies have been upgraded to the daily maximum, the Upgrade selection is replaced with a new prompt Replenish with stimulants. Upgrading the Cathedral or Tower of Enemies past the daily limit now requires stimulants. To successfully replenish your buildings with stimulants, prepare to pay 2 stimulants for the first bypass of the daily limit, 3, for the second, 5 for the third, and 8 for the 4th and final refresh.

Below the Tower of Knowledge is a fillable bar. The more Knowledge of Enemies invested into the tower, the further the bar is along its meter. When full, a 'Research' button becomes clickable. Click on it to level the Tower and receive a Might boost.


Gear in Skyforge comes in three types:

  1. Main Weapons.
  2. Jewelry/Gems.

Each gear category has a range of stat influence.

Main Weapons influence damage, protection and support stats while Artifacts use attributes to increase that damage, enhance protection, and aid support. Jewelry and Gems differ from their counterparts and do not augment stats directly. Instead, gems provide a base multiplier that affects arbitrary stats. Prestige, HP, Base Damage, Critical Damage and Companion Damage can all receive multiplayer boosts from specific gemstones or related jewelry.

To get gear, fight mobs!

Common mobs drop low quality gear, group bosses drop Rare gear, and Operation Bosses drop Epic gear.

Gear can come in varying qualities and from a spectrum of generations. Gear of a superior quality and from the current generation will be more powerful than Gear of a substandard quality from a past generation. Always aim for current gen gear.

With each invasion a new generation of gear enters the market. All previous generations become less effective. To get ahold of the latest generation, players must farm intensely.

To wield gear of every generation, Might limitations must be met.

To see where a new generation of gear can be farmed, go to:

  1. The Equipment tab under Aelion in the Game Menu

  2. Press K , select Aelion , and choose Equipment.

The displayed maps detail where your current equippable gear will be dropped. But remember, attempts are limited.


If Might is a player's Raw power, then Prestige is a players Refined power

Prestige is a players might multiplied against the attributes of their equippable gear. Players with a high Prestige have either a high Might level, or an effective array of gear multipliers.


Symbols are important to Aelion. They have no effect on Might or Prestige, instead, activated symbols inspire aptitude in roles, abilities, and tasks. This aptitude can translate into higher rewards, greater damage, faster speeds, etc.

For a list of symbols affecting your character press I to pull up the menu and select Symbols from it.

Symbols are awarded to players that complete bastion specific quests. To unlock a specific symbol, locate the appropriate bastion, and complete the quests until the bar beneath the Bastion is full. This unlocks the symbol for use in the abilities menu.

Symbols can also be purchased from the Marketplace with loot from enemy Avatars.

Divine Specializations

Divine Specializations are unlockable passives that enhance your characters performance. Gain specializations by leveling and excelling in a particular ability. Specializations are listed in the Capital tab of the Main Menu, to get there:

Press K, select Capital , and choose Temple of Deeds.

Junior God specializations become available to players upon unlock of the Divine form. God of Travels specializations become available after purchasing a Book of Divinity from the Marketplace. All other specializations require an Avatar Trophy to unlock.

Progress specializations by completing adventures and quests in Divine Form and using the Divine Deeds to further your specializations.

Hall of Trophies

Three sets of purchases can be made in the Hall of Trophies that will help players in their progression through Aelion:

  1. Combat Mounts.
  2. Upgrades based on Might.
  3. Companion Skills

Combat mounts offer a distinct advantage over alternative mounts. Where traditional mounts get frightened and run away in combat situations, combat mounts do not. This allows for swifter and more exacting movement at greater speeds in combat situations.

Might milestones unlock access to specific content. Some of that content is locked away in the Hall of Trophies. Once a new milestone has been reached, come here to inspect the new upgrades, and purchase those that best compliment your play style using Victor's Medals.

Companion Skills are skills attributable to your chosen companion. These upgrades may seem innocent, but choosing the right skills can often boost character power in surprising ways.

All purchases made in the Hall of Trophies require Victor's Medals.