Aelion may need constant protection from invaders, but its protectors sometimes need to let off a little steam. Players can get stuck into all-out divine smackdowns in Skyforge’s PvP modes!


Lugran Research Base

A deathmatch full of wild cards, the Lugran Research base is a free-for-all arena where a maximum of 6 Immortals can duke it out. The rules of the Lugran Research Base are simple: everyone can do what they want, when they want, how they want to achieve victory. The first player to achieve 10 points wins. Victory and bragging rights are the spoils!


Battle of Equals

The Battle of Equals is the cornerstone of Skyforge's PvP Arenas, with the purpose of this team deathmatch being to administer as much pain as possible. Two three-player teams face off, with each scaled to matching levels. The first team to reach 3 wins out of 5 wins. Victors are especially lucky, as they will receive Sparks of Transformation, used to unlock new classes and items, plus Credits and Marks.

Massive Battles

Strength and Might may see players through the Lugran Research Base, but success in Massive Battles is a completely different matter. Players must master coordination, strategy, and warfare to garner a chance at victory in these battlegrounds. 20 players divided into two teams of 10 make up the heart of a Massive Battle. With wildly different maps, unique terrain, gameplay, and capture points, luck and skill will go a long way here.

Battle of Golems

This MOBA-style game mode sees two teams of 5 fighting to secure corridors, repeaters, and eight towers. Players attempting to dominate in the Battle of Golems will find their goal of destroying the enemy repeater more difficult than it first appears…