What are Elder Guardians?

An Elder Guardian is a community volunteer. Elder Guardians are normal players that express special interest in Skyforge and its community. They are the bridge between players and the MY.GAMES team. They can help mediate issues in-game, provide guidance, and help prevent conflicts from escalating. Additionally, they can help the MY.GAMES team test bugs and provide player perspective insights on Skyforge.

Elder Guardians are generally good individuals to go to for advice on gameplay and for questions. They also have a direct link to the Skyforge team and can alert us about any critical issues that need immediate attention.


  • No profanity towards users
  • Do not act upon personal grudges
  • Do not slander MY.GAMES to other users (we would prefer to hear this feedback from you directly)
  • Treat all users equally.



  • Enforce the Skyforge Discord server rules, and warn/ban, when necessary.
    o Action taken against members of our Discord servers should be the last resort after first communicating and trying to find a friendly solution/accord
    o If a user is warned or banned, their name and ID should be put in the Banned Discord Members tab of the [SF] Elder Guardians Information Base
    o Revoking bans can only be done by Community Managers (CMs)
    o Revoking a timeout requires the permission of the EG who applied it, or a CM.
  • Help users who may have questions
  • Direct users to support if they have issues within the game
  • Announce any news on Discord which has already been published on other official channels by MY.GAMES, or that have been greenlit by a CM. CMs will only announce big updates, events, maintenance, and critical issues
  • Actively moderate and talk to users when maintenance is in progress
  • Support CMs when an emergency maintenance takes place
  • Maintain an FAQ channel so you and other EGs can direct users there in response to frequently asked questions.

Share any issues you come across with the CM team. If an issue is major or critical, make sure the CMs are made aware immediately and provide them with as much information as possible.


  • Answer threads with questions or issues and inform them of solutions or direct them to where they can get help
  • Moderate insulting comments or threads
  • Point out any Steam reviews that are factually inaccurate, incorrect, or outdated to CMs.

Share any issues you come across with the CM team. If an issue is major or critical, make sure the CMs are made aware immediately and provide them with as much information as possible.


  • Events can be held in-game or on Discord
  • All events you plan should be discussed with a CM and any rewards should be approved before the event begins
  • Keep in mind that you are responsible for hosting and processing your own event
  • Rewards will either be paid out via CMs or codes from an EG (you!)


  • Post any bugs found by yourself or the community in the Internal Discord relevant chat, tagging CMs
  • Inform any players you have passed their bug info on and direct them to contact support about the issue as well
  • Assist in testing or reproducing reported bugs when requested.


  • Maintain a weekly report with a list of issues/questions and notes to help your fellow EGs
  • Regularly visit the [SF] Elder Guardian Information Base and stay informed about current ongoing issues and topics
  • As new issues arise, add them to the report so CMs, Game Masters (GMs), and other EGs will know about them
  • When issues are resolved, please update the report to reflect this.


  • Provide feedback on new and existing features (don’t worry, we can take it) if you feel they could be improved upon or are damaging the experience for players
  • You are free to engage in constructive discussions if they stay civil
  • Assist GMs when needed on test servers to test unreleased content or bugs, and do not share anything you see or do.


Due to the MY.GAMES team’s work schedules and scopes of responsibility, your game knowledge is imperative.

Provide your game knowledge to the MY.GAMES team when asked. We may ask how certain features are performing, or how certain mechanics work, etc.