World of Aelion



Navigate unknown lands and meet the inhabitants of Aelion! Delve into this rich landscape to discover new classes, new adventures, and the lore of your fellow gods. Provinces unlock your potential.


The footnotes of your immortality will be forged here. Quests and alien invasions await your introductory steps. Defeat foreign gods and defend against their hordes; use your power to protect, defend, and attack! Regions are yours to dominate.


Players begin Immortal and cannot be killed, but can be defeated. To increase strength and ascend from Immortal, to God, gain prestige and execute divine deeds! Gods are capable of feats unavailable to immortals. Ascension is how you become a God.

The Skyforge Experience


Solo Content

The perils of Aelion will resist you on your journey to divinity. Subdue them like a god: Solo! With mysteries, mobs, and extravagant bosses waiting to challenge you at every turn, exert your dominion with powers and relics. Conquer Your enemies!


Pantheons exist for Gods to consolidate their strength. Join a pantheon. Tasks can be completed and resources can be donated to your pantheon to attain new powers, special weapons, and satiable rewards. Pantheons are where you will flourish.



Pantheon Wars

Pantheon Wars include a maximum of 100 Gods competing in PvP trials. To attain victory, rivaling pantheons must engage to win control of a region. Winning regions generate income and unique rewards for members. Pantheon Wars are how you get ahead.


Face bloodthirsty mobs and rogue players in Hostile Territories looking for an easy kill. Enter with a team and harvest Ether Fragments. These are valuable, and difficult to obtain. Hostile Territories are difficult and test your resolve.



Damage Dealers

With 11 different damage dealing classes to choose from, Aelion offers both classic and unique spins on tried and true favorites. Discover special weapons, divine relics, and legendary forms unique to each class!


If Tanks are pawns, then our Support Classes are Queens. With an impressive medley of skills including Buffs, Debuffs, Shielding and a resurrecting ultimate-- Supporting Classes run battlefields with savage precision!


Some gods strive to pick things up, and put them down. These beasts are not bothered by pain, mobility, or fear. They show up to the battlefield to take damage, and damage they take. The tanks of Skyforge are valuable and vigorously courted by teams!




With the disappearance of its protector, the world of Aelion has headed off attacks by ancient alien gods, interdimensional monsters, devilish fiends, and horrible avatars set upon enslaving the world. Stand to defend Aelion from it's attackers!

Regional Invasions

When invading forces make it to Aelion they invade. Invasions must be repelled! Team up with fellow gods to track and eliminate enemy bosses to force their hand! Regional invasions drop the latest generation of powerful prizes. Go there and get them!


Head off enemy generals in arenas bubbling with attributes of enemy forces! Absorb them. Use them! Take on the leaders one by one in an epic, dangerous, crippling stand-off. Do you have what it takes? Aelion thinks you do; It made you a god.


Interdimensional beings travelling the universe to conquer a planet have serious mojo. To conclude an invasion, challenge and defeat these avatars to rid Aelion of their influence! Perfect coordination and perfect precision required.

Control Styles


Mouse and Keyboard (MKB)

To an organized mind precision is a path to perfection. Harness the precision of your own organized MKB setup and unleash your perfection upon the foes of Aelion! Keyboard warriors welcome.


For players wishing for a system that rewards feedback over carefully plotted keys, the world of Aelion is willing to give you all the feedback you desire. Pair up a controller and dominate the game with all the feedback Skyforge can offer!