A new challenge awaits you!
The bedazzling mistress of the Gorgonide army, the great goddess Akonita, has arrived on Aelion! An entire flotilla follows her flagship, but it is Akonita herself that presents the greatest threat. This cruel conqueror wants to take control of our technology and enslave the entire planet!

Invasion Leader

Bedazzling Akonita

The leader of a great matriarchal civilization, a ruthless enemy capable of covert sabotage and devious plans — the bedazzling Akonita is not the type to rush blindly into battle. Cunning, devious, and incredibly shrewd, she can destroy her opponents before they realize what is happening.

Ether Armor

Akonita brings up an energy shield that can only destroyed by blowing up mines. When the shield is destroyed, Akonita loses a few spark particles, depending on the phase of the battle. Each character can pick up one spark particle from each destroyed shield. Pick up three spark particles to assume Divine Form.

Ball Lightnings

Akonita launches energy spheres at targets of her choosing, inflicting damage on impact. Run for your life.

Divine Throne

Akonita mounts the throne and brings up a shield that makes her invulnerable to attacks.The rotating pedestal of the throne has three laser cannons, damaging any character caught in the lasers'path. The throne also generates an energy pulse from time to time, knocking all characters away.

The Gorgonides descend from an intermediate species between mammals and reptiles. This violent civilization, scattered across dozens of planets in different parts of the Universe, continue to subjugate weaker races.

Gorgonide Flagship

Tunghorn's Blade

During this adventure, you'll have to rethink your usual tactics and approaches in order to infiltrate the avatar's unusual ship. Get in unnoticed, avoid a multitude of traps, and evince as much cunning as Akonita if you wish to succeed.

Beware of Traps

Akonita is well known for her cunning. Anticipating resistance, she has filled her ship with dangerous traps. You will have to run between lasers, hack security systems and dodge dangerous mechanical devices on the conveyer. In one section of the ship, the group will have to split up and travel down parallel tunnels, warning each other about the dangers ahead. There is special magic at work in some parts of the ship that completely hinders healing and regeneration, so it is especially important not to make too many mistakes. Remember that only timely action from each member of the group can lead the team to success.

Stay in the Shadows

It is not so easy to reach the great goddess. She is guarded by deadly drones that can destroy an entire group of opponents. They patrol the halls and will eliminate anyone trying to get inside. Any confrontation with a drone is deadly, even for gods. Be stealthy! Merge with the shadows in the hidden corners of the ship to avoid detection. Most importantly, act quickly! If you do come across a deadly mechanism, a special device can help you temporarily diffuse the drones.

Akonita, the Gorgonides avatar, has come to capture our mortals.
Are you brave enough to rise in their defense?

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