Battle of Equals: Patch Notes

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Battle of Equals is underway! You can start by participating in training battles.
• There is a new area available — the Antean Wasteland.
• New Reliquary levels have been added. Rewards are now given up to 1,500,000 prestige points. If a character has already unlocked all 70 reliquaries before the update, they need to visit the Divine Observatory to receive the next one.
• The Ascension Atlas has been expanded. Central nodes have been added to the previously empty slots.
• An extra slot for a minor invasion symbol will be given for completing the Invasion Atlas. The Invasion Atlas will be considered completed once you unlock all central nodes with symbols, talents, and passive abilities.
• Legendary trophies have appeared in the game! Their extra bonuses work against all army monsters, including bosses. You can get such trophies when disassembling epic trophies and in rank 8 operations - the reward here has been changed. Now instead of 25 epic trophy fragments, 5 legendary trophy fragments are given.
• You can now select the “Hard Mode” in adventures marked Operation Priority. You can get 10 times as many invasion army tokens for completing such adventures in Hard Mode. It is available at 100,000 Prestige points and only when using the Enter button.
• When equalized, low-prestige characters with a significant stat imbalance do not receive a large bonus to all stats.
Credit Limit has been increased by 50%
• The amount of currency required to create items using God of Knowledge abilities has been significantly reduced. The amount of resources received upon item disassembly has also been reduced. The amount of currency held by characters will be recalculated taking into account the changes adopted.
• The price of certain items in the Market has been changed. Holy texts can now be acquired for 1,000 credits and sold for 500. 500 credits are deducted from the cap upon receiving a Holy Text. The selling price of Ether Cores has also been changed. It now costs 50 credits, instead of 46.
• Promo on extra caps for class sparks (given to characters not created in game’s first week) will be credited based on the new formula. Now you can earn many more of these sparks!
• All Rare type currencies are merged into one. Collect Rare Crystallite in the Lanber Forest, Roqul Hollow, Diaphran Archipelago or any other area, and buy rare costumes!
• Obelisks in Triumph Square can now be upgraded to level 15. Bonuses from a maximum level obelisk is 2460 for Might, 3690 for Stamina and 1850 for secondary stats (Strength, Valor, Luck and Spirit).
• There will be a ban in place on Pantheon member rank changes during active Pantheon Merger voting.
• The maximum rank for temples in the provinces has been increased from 80 to 100. The requirement for order rank has not changed.



• Fixed a bug where an Archer in the Smoke Screen area was not visible to an opponent entering it.


• The visual and server death of an enemy from the Missile Salvo ability now happen without a second’s delay.
• Observers will now see the correct direction of the Rapid Fire ability.


• Corrected the description for the following symbols: Matter Explosion, Short Circuit, Blind Rage, and Corrosive Coating.
• Fixed a bug where Deadly Impulse: Slow would sometimes work even when switched off.



Thandi Drilling Station

• Promos for Victor's Medals will no longer appear for this adventure during the Gorgonide Invasion.


• The estimated time for completing several Invasion adventures has changed. This will increase the volume of rewards in adventures such as Aristel's Farm and Demon Invasion.
• Optional tasks in adventures with Invasion Avatars have been removed. It is now enough to just complete the adventure to receive the S score and all the corresponding rewards.
• The Operation Priority promo now has a different indicator on the Adventure Card and Globe.
• The Operation Priority promo can no longer contain other types of promo adventures.

Gorgonide Flagship

• Ipritta: Adjusted the Afterburning ability. Now energy blobs always remain in the battle area and cannot go outside it, even if the area is not closed.

Oceanid Flagship

• The gestation time for Reef Khelp in the Laboratory sector has been reduced.
• Damage of the lightning attacks of the artefact in the Magitorium sector has been adjusted.
• Fixed incorrect Khelp behavior in the last room of the Nerve Center sector.

Loggh the Brawler

• Changed Reef Khelp Water Prison ability. It no longer works on characters with immunity to control. In addition, Water Prison effect can now be disrupted with control-removing abilities. Regardless of whether control against the target worked or not, the Khelp's blow will inflict damage to the target and all players between the Khelp and the target. If control does work, the target will take increased damage from this ability.
• Reef Khelps gain shields from Loggh only in group adventures, there will be no shield in the solo adventure.
• The boss is invulnerable when switching to the red phase (the Rage phase).
• The negative effect of Loggh’s regular attacks in the main phase is applied to the target only when completing the adventure as part of a group.

Reef Warden Bavos

• Increased the amount of damage absorbed by the boss's Blocking Shield.
• Increased the range of water puddles created by the generator.


• When switching to another stage, the boss will become invulnerable for some time.
• Slightly increased Giant Wave damage.
• Slightly increased Electric Storm damage.
• Reduced cooldown for Dangerous Pools.


• Massive Battles are now available from 1,900 Prestige.
• Battles of Equals are available from 3,500 Prestige.
• The old PvP rating has been reset. However, the data has been saved and will be published on the portal.
• The PvP Rating is now calculated based on the new formula. The conditions for moving between Leagues have been changed. To reach a new rating, players must complete 10 fights in the Battle of Equals.


• There is now an option in the Settings to display class icons in the group interface and not their roles. It can be enabled in the Game Settings tab under the Other section.
• Manual group synchronization to one channel button has been removed. New members invited to the group are now automatically moved to the channel where the other members are. If the channel is overloaded, they are all automatically synchronized into an emptier one.
• When you target a character in their Divine Form, you will no longer see the divine form icon next to their health slot.
• The Group Finder button will no longer be displayed on the Adventure card if you have an active storyline quest.


• Improved the visuals for picking up loot.
• New NPCs have appeared in the Divine Observatory, Research Center and Park, who react to player presence and interact with them as well as communicating with each other.
• Pack monsters’ attack speed and damage have been significantly reduced. Additionally, they no longer accelerate when chasing characters in Region, Squad or Group type adventures.

Bug Fixes



Thandi Drilling Station

• Completing the adventure can no longer blocked by killing the first boss before receiving the relevant task.

Cold Quarry

• Fixed a bug causing explosive devices and caches to sometimes disappear.


• Fixed a bug preventing Group Finder from working in the Gorgonide Flagship and Oceanid Flagship adventures.

Oceanid Incubator

• Fixed a bug where after killing Keretos the wrong stage of completion was displayed and it was not possible to obtain S rank.

Reapers of Death
Dark Ritual

• Fixed a bug where killing the last boss was sometimes not counted.
• Fixed a bug that sometimes caused special troops to disappear.


• Fixed a bug causing the destination cards to sometimes disappear from the Aelinar transport terminal interface.
• Fixed a bug causing a drop in PvE rating when watching PvP battles in spectator mode.
• Fixed a bug where the background for a selected skill set was not displayed before the selection was made.


• Fixed a bug causing companions in PvP to be too talkative.
• Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the attack range from getting increased in the Divine Form
• Fixed a bug in which high-prestige equipment could not be disassembled.
• Fixed a bug that could cause 2 melodies to play when opening the globe - the globe one and the holiday one.