Golem Battle: Patchnotes

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• Added a new PvP Adventure: Golem Battle. This is a 5v5 PvP mode that any player above 1,900 Prestige can participate in.
• New storyline quest has been added - Metal and Chitin. It is available to all characters that have completed the Work for an Immortal quest.


• All extra impulse charge charges, appearing thanks to the Double Discharge symbol as well as certain Knight, Lightbinder or Necromancer talents, will now be displayed in the corresponding interface to the right of the health bar. Previously, the number of accumulated charges was shown in the form of positive effects.


Inghar Test Area

• There are even more benefits of visiting the Inghar Test Area! As a reward for 5 successfully completed challenges, you will now receive a large casket, containing an epic quality item of equipment.
• The first-go on several challenges has been simplified within a single visit to the test area. All further attempts of these challenges will correspond to the regular difficulty levels.

Mechanoid Squad

• Oculats will appear straight after Rethiariuses are killed.

Demon Portals

• Portals exist for a longer time.
• The effect from Demon trophies is now spread to Demon portals.


• Crespion fury time, after the death of an ally, has been halved.


• Phytonide groups appear a little less frequently and in smaller numbers.


• Now once the effect of a shield have ended, reapers of death will not appear next to ritualists.

• Pools that inflict damage on characters and heal monsters will be rarer.
• The amount of healing monsters receive from pools has been reduced.
• Less Wingers will appear after the death of a Cryptide.

Inghar Test Area Pantheon Version
• For all difficulty levels in adventures the wave structure is such: challenge→ survival → boss. The quest chain has changed for some levels.


Urgent Summons

• The possibility of completing the first mission immediately after entering an adventure has been removed.


Golem Battle

• Equipment from the Battle quest is now counted in this adventure.
• Only a single character or a group of two can enter the Adventure.
• Fixed a bug causing players with under 20,000 prestige to not receive all their rewards for participation in the activity.
• Golem-Outlaw damage against players has been significantly increased. However, their damage against buildings and other golems has been reduced.
• The health of all small golems has been reduced by 20%.
• Health and speed of movement for the Royal Rays have been reduced.
• Repeated tower shots on the same target do not strengthen the next blow if the target is under the invulnerability effect.
• Fixed bug causing a big golem to attack the Repeater before all towers have been destroyed.


• Dialogue visualization has changed in most storyline quests. Now NPC phrases appear in a special interface next to the person speaking.

Bug Fixes


Inghar Test Area

Tank Defense Challenge

• Fixed bug causing poor audibility of hints.
• Sound of the tank damage message has been fixed.
• The ability to obtain a reward for completing the adventure without spending the adventure completion limit has been fixed.

Cryptide Challenge

• Fixed bug causing cryptide pools to destroy some game essences around it, for example the Archer barrier or Alchemist terminal.



• Adventure completion is no longer blocked if a character kills a boss before receiving the task to do so.


Leunar Swamps

• Fixed a bug causing Traitor Officer not to hide in the tank at the right time.


Roqul Valley

• Fixed a bug that could cause character stats to reduce when entering the region.


Defense of Fortifications

• Fixed a bug causing members of special troops to end up inside objects in some cases.
• Fixed a bug causing enemy leaders to sometimes repeat the same phrase lots of times.

Diversion in the Reactor

• Fixed a bug causing players to sometimes not receive an S rating for the adventure after completing all its tasks.

Demon Flagship: Destroyer

• Fixed a bug preventing maximum score from being obtained for adventure completion without killing the Hermit of Void.


• Fixed a bug causing players with under 20,000 prestige to not receive all their rewards for participation in the activity.
• Fixed bug causing a big golem to attack the Repeater before all towers before it have been destroyed.


• Fixed a bug in which some Dione abilities were visualized a little after damage was inflicted.
• Fixed a bug causing attack sounds to not sound right for some classes.