Venomous Spring: Patchnotes

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• A Phytonide invasion is underway! 7th generation equipment is now available and some adventures have new difficulty levels.
The game portal was to be an internal social network, supporting many game interfaces, enabling communication on the forum directly from the game and serving as a knowledge base. This was a very ambitious experiment, which we thought encapsulated our dreams about proper game support. However, during project operation we realized that implementing this service occupied too much team time and got in the way of our main objective - game development. This led us to the very difficult decision of rejecting the idea of integrating social services in the game and focusing instead on issues of primary importance.
• The Aelinet tab was removed from the game interface along with all links leading to the portal. Aelinet is now only accessible from an external browser.

Divine Weapons

• Fixed the issue with the Flavius Emitter where it was difficult to inflict damage on an enemy significantly higher or lower than the character.
In the New Era update we added a completely new mechanism to the game — divine weapons. The experiment is going wonderfully. We like how the new mechanism is working and we are pleased that players are also highly rating this function. Nevertheless, there are a few divine weapon features that did not quite work how we wanted them to. 
• Due to changes to the avatar trophy/avatar artifact system, we've given everyone their avatar artifact's spent on the Gloves of Thanatos back. It will now be in your valuables instead and you can keep track of your current amount of Avatar Artifacts there. Feel free to unlock it again to your leisure.

  1. Symbols work much more frequently for high-prestige players than the rest. The sense of value of the divine weapon gets lost.
  2. Attack classes often inflict around half of the total damage in an adventure with divine weapons. We do not think this is right - for if the contribution of class abilities does not depreciate, it still decreases too much.

Therefore, 2 changes were introduced:
• The amount of damage that needs to be dealt in PvP has been reduced to get the opportunity to activate the divine weapon.
• The amount of damage needed to activate a symbol in Raids and Groups has been increased.
• We will carefully monitor these corrections and introduce additional edits if necessary.

Pantheon Wars

Temple Gates

• Characters no longer interrupt movement when approaching the step next to the crystal.
• You can no longer become inaccessible for attack when you go inside crystal or stone. How disappointing!
• The character that starts to pick up the crystal will now be thrown out of transport.
• The character holding the crystal cannot sit on the transport.

Flavius' Laboratory

• The quests of all armies, except the invasion army, have been simplified. Now they require killing any monsters of the relevant army. The necessary number of enemies can differ depending on who you are hunting. Victory over a pack monster will only slightly up progress, but victory over an elite monster will give a noticeable boost.
• After completion of the lab quest there will be a context action allowing you to open the lab screen.
• Now, after exploring all the lab bonuses, characters will receive 100% Combat Superiority. So those who have received all bonuses will no longer be given lab quests.

Class Temples

• Class temple improvement quests have been changed - now you can destroy any enemies, including other characters, to complete the quest. As with lab quests, the necessary number of enemies depends on who you fight.
• You will no longer have to spend credits to improve class temples.
• Visualization has been improved - an animated background has been added.


• To complete the Inghar Test Area quest you now only have to undergo one challenge in this adventure.


• Work has been carried out to optimize the interface.
• Fixed the issue where consumables and transport could disappear from the Quick Access Panel.
• The chance to set the number and size of damage indicators has been added.
• Font size has been increased in descriptions.


• The lighting and design of various locations has been improved.
• New weather conditions and(or) time of day have appeared in the following adventures: Red Coast, Thetin Rift, Alakur Island, Facility 902 and Lugran Research Base. The weather in the zone is determined when you enter and does not change while you are in the adventure.
• However, the weather can change before your eyes in Isola Diggings, Roqul Valley and Veines.
• Reflection visuals have been improved. They are clearer, which has had a positive impact on the appearance of the game.
• Also in the context of improving appearance, detail on the irregularities of many objects was added.
• If two or more Protection class characters provoke a monster into aggression, a mark will be displayed over the monster's target. This will help groups see in whose direction the monster is heading.


• There is no rest for the engineers studying the device found in the Aeli lab! Either the position of the spine is not optimum, or the shoulders stick out in an attractive way. And they do not understand that the main thing is fighting power. They want to improve something in the creation of the great god. They have made improvements. The position of the spine has been fixed and parts attached to the shoulders.


• The Pantheon tab has been removed from the market. Find items from there in the Resources tab.


• Now when completing a Mount quest a temporary transport is given. This change does not affect players that already have a permanent pet for this quest.


Thorneus's Camp

• Monster groups have been weakened in the first difficulty levels of the Thorneus's Camp, Cold Quarry and Thandi Drilling Station adventures. The first and last bosses in the Lanber Catacombs have been weakened.

Fort Krigg

• Visuals for the abilities of certain enemies have been changed. Female prisoners have appeared. Now Fort Krigg is officially the first mixed Aelion prison.


• Fixed the issue in which ambush monsters did not disappear if an immortal was killed.

Nerion's Castle

• The list of quests now displays adventure completion progress.


• In Sudden Attack type adventures the issue in which enemy ships were sometimes empty has been fixed. Now troops get out of them.


Roqul Valley

• Inari no longer shows his underwear. It got cold!



• Image in the History tab has been changed.

Mechanical Evil

• Marcus now correctly appears in Port Usuni at the corresponding stage of quest completion.
• Fixed the issue in which the quest in the Icy Winds Canyon did not appear at the required time.
• Fixed the issue with completion of the Key Evidence quest in the Taron Power Station.

Gamepad Support

We wanted to make the game more gamepad friendly - better interfaces and more epic battles. The current update contains the first major set of improvements. We are pleased to present them to you and plan to continue adapting the interface.

• When going into battle (if gamepad support is active), a special combat mode camera is switched on and its position changes. Work on the combat camera has not yet finished - various improvements are in the pipeline.
• Many interfaces can now be used without a cursor.
• A special menu has been added for gamepads (it is available when gamepad support is activated). It can be used to switch class and move to the main game screens.
• Elements of the game interface have changed location.
• The class abilities panel has been changed.
• The ability to control the map from a gamepad has been added.
• When in the full-screen interface you can now easily switch to adjacent sections.
• Hints on gamepad hotkeys have been added.
• Gamepad support activation is now saved in settings correctly, but to full switch it on you have to restart the client.


• Some God of Machines and God of Magic specialization bonus icons have been updated.
• Context actions with the Q key removed from adventures.

Known Issues


• Photo mode does not work when gamepad support is switched on.
• Hints on hotkeys are missing in some screens.
• In the Map interface, descriptions may not display correctly.