Aelinet Portal Migration is Underway!

Closed Beta 4 has reached its completion and we’re ready to transition the Skyforge Forums over to our new Portal system today!

The migration from the old Skyforge forum to the Portal begins today at 8AM PDT (17h00 CEST). Due to the time required to migrate the database, we estimate the process to take the majority of Tuesday to complete and should conclude tonight around 12AM PDT. During the migration, any new posts made to the current forums will not be saved. Any updates will be relayed to the community through the official Skyforge Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages. For further information regarding the Portal’s functionality, please take a moment to review our recent introduction to the Aelienet Portal.

As a reminder, all forum posts created prior to the transfer will be moved to the NA and EU Portal, ensuring no content will be lost. Unfortunately, this does not apply to private messages, so if you wish to retain yours, it’s best you save them to your PC now. For English speaking players, the switch to the Portal also means you will be required to choose between posting on the North American or European Portal as the two communities are no longer housed under the same forums. Posting a thread on the NA Portal for example, will result in the thread only being visible to players who are logged into the NA Portal. Players will still be able to log in and post on both Portals, but they will need to create a Portal profile in each region to do so.

We’ll see you on the Portal soon!

Note: the estimated time required to migrate the forums has been revised above, it was initially 6 hours.