Aelion Games Promotion & Dandy Scientist Sale

Aelion Games Promotion

Aelion Games are coming: the greatest sporting event on the planet and the most important milestone in your athletes’ career! Soon, thousands of spectators all over Aelion will hold their breath before their screens and watch the participants of different gods’ Orders compete.

From October 13th at 1am PDT to October 26th at 1am PDT, the Aelion Games promotion arrives – Immortals can send their adepts to compete for the gold!


Any immortal that has reached 1,000 Prestige can take part in this promotion. To get started, you need Participation Requests which can be obtained from bosses in PvE Adventures, within sets of equipment from PvP Battles, or receive them as a random reward for participation in the promotion. Alternatively, you can use Credits or Argents to start missions. You can participate via the special interface (9 key).

For their performance throughout the games, your adepts can win amazing rewards for you including your very own Record Airboard and matching costume! But that’s not all you will receive:

  • Knowledge of Enemies
  • Credits
  • Premium Subscription
  • Victor’s Medals
  • Stimulants
  • And more!

If your adepts happen to set any new records, you have the possibility to receive the following rewards:

  • 1,000,000 Credits
  • 12,000 argents
  • 500 progress points on the Guaranteed reward scale.

In addition to all the other rewards, you now have the ability to improve the rank of the corresponding upgrades in the Trophy Hall which will increase Bastion efficiency by up to 10%!

For additional information, feel free to check out or Aelion Games Guide! The promotion ends on October 26th – Good luck to your Adepts!

Dandy Scientist Sale

This month is a scientific one for Aelion. Science is as as important as the power of the immortals when it comes to fight back the invasions. Dress up and join the science community with our costume sale! The Scout Researcher Costume will have a comeback from October 13th to October 18th!

Costume Argent Price Discount
Scout Researcher Costume 4,500 25%