Aelion’s Call: Atlas Improvements

Aelion’s Call brings a new system to the Ascension Atlas: Vectors and Nodes of Destruction, Balance and Creation.

The nodes can be found in the Atlas itself and have a rank limited by the total sparks of the corresponding color.
The vectors are additional bonuses allowing you to fine-tune your statistics. You will find them in the top-left corner of the Ascension Atlas interface.

Skyforge Atlas Improvement 1

Both nodes and their vector will help you reinforce your character.


The new nodes come in three categories - Destruction, Creation and Balance. Opening these nodes does not consume sparks.

Skyforge Atlas Improvement 2

Each node has its own rank, growing as the node is improved. The maximum node rank is restricted by the number of sparks of the corresponding color contributed to the atlas development.
You will gain different statistics for each type of node:

  • Destruction — might,
  • Creation — stamina,
  • Balance — secondary statistics.

To improve your node, you will need Ether Cores, or Improved Ether Cores. You can obtain Ether Cores by defeating monsters in open regions.
Improved Ether Cores can be purchased from the market for Credits or Argents.

Skyforge Atlas Improvement 3


As mentioned earlier, the Ascension Atlas has three vectors which are bound to nodes in the Atlas space (Destruction, Balance and Creation).
The vector rank is restricted by the total rank of its related nodes, so you will first have to improve your nodes before you can upgrade your vectors.

Skyforge Atlas Improvement 4

You can increase your vector’s rank by spending credits, and each vector enhances a choice of statistics:

Destruction (pick one): Creation Vector (pick one): Balance Vector (pick one):
Might + Valor Stamina + Valor Might
Might + Luck Stamina + Luck Stamina
Might + Spirit Stamina + Spirit Might + Stamina
Might + Strength Stamina + Strength -

You can change your pick at any time, for free.