Aelion's Call - Patch Notes

Aelion's Call, our next major content update for Skyforge is going live on September 16th. You may be aware of some of the highlights from our previous announcement: Catch-up system, new raid, operations and more - but that is just the beginning! You can expect more detailed articles for each major feature in the coming days.

 - Will you be able to see the damage inflicted by each skill of each group member after a fight? (Yes!)
 - Was the social interface reworked? (We had to!)
 - Is there a new platform for that spot in the Facility 902 where you always fell off the bridge? (Yes, and don't lie: everyone fell at least once!)

Facility 902 Bridge 

You don't want to wait and would rather dive into the gritty details? (We won't judge you if you don't, but you should!)

The patch notes of Aelion's Call await!