Aelion’s Call: The Catch-up System

Skyforge is host to a unique method of progression which effectively places players into brackets based on their levels of dedication and, more prominently, how long they’ve been playing. This helps ensures all players have others of similar prestige levels to participate in content with however, this can inadvertently affect a user’s ability to play with friends. Prestige Scaling helped resolve many of these issues but still leaves the question of how new players are capable of participating in Skyforge’s higher-tiered content alongside their comrades. In an effort to alleviate the gap between new and old players, we’re proud to introduce the Catch-up system!

Every week, players that began their adventure in Skyforge after the first week of Early Access (July 9th) will receive special adventures tied to their limits which allows them to begin working towards reaching the same point as the veteran players. For example, those who have just signed up to play Skyforge will require roughly two months to catch up to those who started playing during Early Access. Players who have not been capable of logging on for an extended period are also provided the option to boost their progress via Spark Replicators, which has seen an increase to their effectiveness.

Players that are lagging behind in terms of progress can now get increased limits of Particles of Mastery, Sparks of Insight and Class Sparks by completing weekly promo-adventures, which will appear on the globe for Immortals who have reached 1,357 prestige. The Class Sparks limit will be increased evenly by 1,890 each time, while Sparks of Insight will be calculated using a more complex formula.

Skyforge Catch-Up System

Using this method, a player can receive 3,000, 7,000 and 10,000 additional Insight, respectively, over the first three weeks. After that, they will have several weeks to pick up speed (20,000, 40,000 and so on), with the limit increasing rapidly and then shrinking only during the final stretch to the current maximum limit. Despite the final gap taking the longest to close, it will no longer stop you from playing with high prestige friends or joining high-end Pantheon activities. After 36,087 Prestige, there will be other promo-adventures that provide additional Tactical Sense limits.
Note: To obtain different types of limits, players will need to complete different promo-adventures.

The mechanics of Spark Replicators has also been altered to benefit those who have started early but have not had the time to actively play the game. If the Sparks of Insight limit of a character exceeds 30,000 - and the Class Sparks limit exceeds 5,670 - the bonus from a replicator is increased. The percentage depends on your limits: The higher they are, the more extra sparks will be added by a replicator! It should also be noted that the number of sparks added depends on the limit of those particular sparks.

The Catch-up System is a way to allow all late-comers to ascend to the same ranks as the veterans while still requiring the same dedication to do so. Within a relatively short time, players should begin meeting a lot of new faces looking to participate in Skyforge’s later content and we hope to see everyone welcome them with open arms!