Aelion's Call: Pantheon Updates

All Aelion’s Immortals know the importance of the Pantheons in Skyforge, as well as the Skyforge development team! With Crucible of the Gods, vital updates to the Pantheon system functionality have been made and we continue our efforts with Aelion’s Call update!


After analyzing the situation thanks to your feedback and comments through the Aelinet Portal, we decided to completely abandon the clan system. We thought that this system would prove to be the best for guild management with its clans allowing you to regroup members with the same Prestige, the same hours of connection, etc… But it fails.
That’s why the clan system has been abandoned for a more classic management system: one unique list including all the Pantheon members. New information’s about them are available at a glance:

  • Members’ names
  • Members’ Prestige
  • Members’ location, which allows to know if they’re connected or not
  • A section where Commanders can leave a comment for each member
  • The amount of credits and construction points donated which displays the last 10 actions performed, with the date and amount of funds donated

Structures that determine the number and capacity of clans were removed. The Conference Hall and Gallery upgrades have been combined into Pantheon Chambers.
You have now 21 Pantheon Chambers: A maximum rank Pantheon can have 260 members and 9 Commanders.

Aelion's Call Pantheon Updates 1


We still believe that the Pantheon management system should be democratic so despite the abolition of clans, Pantheons continue to be managed by commanders. The number of officers will always be fixed and determined by the rank of Pantheon Chambers.

So, if there is a free space for a Commander (eg. if one commander leaves or another upgrade for the Pantheon Chamber is built), a timer will be automatically activated. While the timer is running, commanders can vote on which new officer to appoint. If a new officer has not been appointed after 1 hour, a member who has spent the longest in the Pantheon - and also logged into the game within the last two days - will automatically be appointed. However, any officer can still be demoted through voting.

Distortion Analyzer

We have seen in the past how many players moved from Pantheon to Pantheon in order to complete the whole range of distortions and get an access to the newest ones.
That’s why a new system has been implemented: A player who has recently joined a Pantheon cannot take part in distortions for 7 days. It does not matter if the player is joining the Pantheon for the first time or is returning to the one they were previously a member of.

Also, the Distortion Analyzer’s functionality has been changed: Each level of the analyzer allows players to save one Distortion from their current series (I - Onslaught of the Sea, II - Dangerous Greenhouse, III - Mechanoid Base), as well as up to 4 Distortion of the previous series. The number of Distortions able to be saved will increase as the analyzer is upgraded, allowing one additional distortion from the series that is the same level as the Analyzer.
We restored the option to scan for distortions repeatedly. Scanning for distortions repeatedly is now free but it is still not possible to save scanned distortions more than once a week. Access to all distortions is disabled on Wednesdays at 5 am, after which the Commanders can choose adventures again and save them in the analyzer.

Building the analyzer (starting with level 3) now requires that the pantheon has defeated at least one final boss of the previous series of distortions.

Aelion's Call Pantheon Updates 2

We hope you enjoy these changes to the Pantheon system and find them more convenient compared to previous iterations - though that doesn't mean we have finished improving it!