Relentless Onslaught: D4 Distortion

“A plague raged wherever Imenad passed. It destroyed those who miraculously escaped the clutches of the carrion and eluded the curses of the reapers. Luckily, Imenad is locked into a distortion until the end of his days. But woe betide anyone who falls into his spatial dungeon. The ravaging plague will doom them to a slow and painful death.” - Asterius Encyclopedia

In our next update, Relentless Onslaught, we’ll be adding the final two phases of the D-Series Distortion for all challengers!
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The D4 Distortion will face Imenad – a spreader of plague and disease. It’s in your best interest to be wary of the fetid piles of corpses, spreading infections, and those resurrected by Imenad. When these risen bodies are approached, they will explode and infect everyone nearby. Fret not, as a sacred relic is available on the battlefield that will allow you to escape an otherwise inevitable, and slow, demise. A group member that picks up the relic will receive complete immunity from the infection and can heal others. So if you happen to become infected, make sure you go straight to the one member who can save you!

To provide some additional help, we’ve provided the bosses’ abilities below:

Imenad’s Abilities

  • Dark Ritual
    Imenad condenses the darkness around him and destroys all infected characters.

  • Earthquake
    Imenad creates a powerful earthquake, causing waves of fire to ripple across the platform. Those hit by it get knocked back.

  • Destruction of the Relic
    Imenad breaks the sacred relic into multiple pieces. It can be restored if you pick up the pieces before they disappear.

  • Plague Skull
    Plague skulls occasionally appear from the piles of corpses. The skull chases a player and will infect them if it reaches them before it disappears.

  • Pandemic
    Wounded Imenad loses a divine spark. After that, he hides behind an impenetrable shield, and all the space around him becomes infected. The relic protects against the infection and so does the aura, which can be activated by the god that picks up the relic.
    During this phase, corpses are revived in great numbers.

Skyforge D4 Distortion


All participants with at least 652,000 Prestige, 4,600 Tactical Sense, and the Divine Form can join the adventure.

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