Aelion’s Call: your Battle History!

Aelion’s Call brings many interface improvements to chat, pantheons and the Atlas. One exciting addition to the interface is the Battle History: This new interface is available to any player in a Pantheon with the Academy level 2 unlocked.

In the Battle History, you can find statistics for each combat you participated in, whether it was a tough PVE or PVP battle (or an easy one, if you want to brag)! You can learn from your team mates as well – you will get as many details for their actions as yours! In its initial version, the statistics are kept until you exit the game, and reset afterwards.

Skyforge Aelion's Call Battle History

The Battle History can be found in the top panel of your interface, bound to the shortcut Ctrl +X. For each battle, this feature will log:

  1. Length of battle;
  2. Total damage of each group member;
  3. DPS of each group member;
  4. List of enemies;
  5. Breakdown of damage inflicted by each group member with each ability;
  6. Breakdown of damage inflicted by each group member against each enemy;
  7. Damage received by each group member;
  8. Amount of healing spheres gathered by each group member;
  9. Amount of damage absorbed using effects by each group member.

Aelinet synchronization will be added in the future, so you’ll be able to save any battle history and share it!

How can I use the Battle History?

  • Use the statistics to improve your builds, particularly useful with the second to fourth new sets of abilities!
  • Find how to best contribute to the group’s success.
  • Develop the best strategies for upcoming Pantheon PVP battles.
  • And a lot more!

This feature will continue to evolve, so do not hesitate to share your feedback and let us know how we could improve it!