The Alchemist

Mad, Insane, Unhinged, Ludicrous – Those who study Alchemy have been called all of these at one point or another during their career. It matters not, as nothing is of more concern to them than their research. While the majority have certainly proven themselves to be a tad…eccentric, there’s no denying their potency and benefit to those they deem worthy of their aid. May Aeli help any that aren’t. - Asterius’s Encyclopedia

We’re very excited to finally discuss the Skyforge’s resident mad scientist and member of the Support role – The Alchemist. The actions of these tireless geniuses are seemingly devoid of common sense. They are experimenters who devoted their lives to alchemy and their arsenal includes both corrosive chemical compounds and invigorating elixirs. On their backs they carry a portable alchemy laboratory equipped with manipulators that can spray acid and fire at the enemies, as well as inflict significant damage with the bladed ends.

The Alchemist makes his home near the outer rim of a battle, creating beneficial concoctions for his allies while still remaining close enough to unleash his experiments on his unsuspecting targets. For groups that require support, the Alchemist is a much sought-after addition to their team. Providing a shield for a select individual, complete invulnerability for the whole team, and even being the only class capable of directly healing his teammates – An Alchemist’s defensive benefits are unparalleled. Beyond that, the Alchemist has an extremely valuable trick up their sleeve that allows them to inject allies with a portion of their own power, increasing all of the target’s primary stats in the process!

Skyforge Alchemist 2

While it’s true that the Alchemist is extremely beneficial in a support role, they’re no stranger to joining the fray. Does a team mate need some assistance with dealing damage? Simply unleash an army of sentient blobs towards the opponent, dealing potentially massive amounts of damage across a relatively short period. Maybe enemies are surrounding the group, and escape isn’t a valid option. Piece of cake; make use of the mechanical claws to spread large quantities of dangerous chemicals across the surrounding area. Worst case scenario, the enemy begins to attack the Alchemist, what then? A good alchemist plans ahead, encasing themselves inside a reflective bubble that not only negates damage, but sends it back towards the attacker. What one would could call excessive, the Alchemist refers to as mandatory. Protecting their research and ensuring it can be continued is their primary concern, of course.

Basic Abilities

Skyforge Alchemist Spell 1 Acidic Solution (Press or Hold LMB): The Alchemist fires globs of acidic concoctions at the enemy, inflicting minor damage and restoring Catalyst. Using Acidic Solution several times (up to 8) and then using Combustible Solution (RMB), the enemy target will take noticeable damage.

Skyforge Alchemist Spell 2 Combustible Solution (Press or Hold RMB): The Alchemist slings a ball of combustible substances at the enemy, inflicting damage to the target and nearby enemies. Using Combustible Solution several times (up to 5) and then using Acidic Solution (LMB), all enemies near the target will take noticeable damage.

Skyforge Alchemist Spell 3 Predatory Ectoplasm: Two freshly-created slimy abominations move towards the enemy, inflicting damage upon hitting the target.
Alchemist’s Tip: Creeping Horror is a PvP Centric variant of this ability that does significantly more damage in PvP and stuns the enemy, at the expense of requiring twice the amount of Catalyst.

Skyforge Alchemist Spell 4 Protective Membrane: The Alchemist forms a protective shield around them, negating all damage and reflecting it back at the attacker.

Skyforge Alchemist Spell 5 Stimulant Injection: Increases the target’s Might by 80% of the Alchemist’s Might and the Strength, Spirit, Luck, & Valor of the selected ally by 32% of the Alchemist’s Luck & Spirit.
Alchemist’s Tip: It’s a good idea to consider using the Loading Dose talent for maximum buffing potential. Be on the lookout for weapons that reduce the cooldown time of Stimulant Injection!

Skyforge Alchemist Spell 6 Alchemic Terminal: Spawns a terminal either near the Alchemist, or at the target’s location, that provides all nearby allies with immunity to damage upon use.

Skyforge Alchemist Spell 7 Healing Essence (Ultimate): Rains a healing concoction down onto allies, restoring health to everyone standing within its radius.

We have listed only a few of the Alchemist’s abilities. A full detailed list can be found within the Classes tab on the Aelinet.

The Alchemist is an extremely versatile class that is more than capable of dishing out damage while simultaneously supporting their allies. Damaging abilities, sturdy shields, and powerful buffs are all the tools at the Alchemist’s disposal. When in the hands of a skilled player, a team can become nearly invincible, decimating any that dare oppose them. Those that seek to be right there in the thick of the action while still taking on a Support role will find the Alchemist to be their ideal class.

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Skyforge Alchemist 1