Meet the Gunner!

"For these fighters, the concept of good versus evil ceased to exist long ago. Far removed from the problems of humanity and as masters of their trade, these individuals only truly care about their high-tech tools of destruction. Weaponry is their only passion and a war merely represents an opportunity to show off the splendor and power of their deadly tools. " Asterius's Encyclopedia

We are very excited to present another character class in Skyforge – The Gunner! Their massive transforming cannon is capable of taking on several firing modes which can be used in a variety of tactical situations, making them one of the most heavily armed classes in the game.

As a long range fighter, the Gunner prefers to wage battle from the edge of a fight. Their long distance attacks are made possible due to the three firing modes available on their cannon. Generally, the gunner opens the fight with the mini-gun, decimating enemies in a withering hail of bullets. While in the mini-gun mode the cannon is prone to over-heating, but that doesn’t stop the gunner. When the mini-gun overheats this resourceful weapons master can quickly switch the weapon to its secondary firing mode, the plasma rifle!

The plasma rifle consumes the built up heat of the mini-gun and inflicts a massive amount of damage to each target it hits. Once the Plasma Rifle has consumed all the built up heat the Gunner can then switch the transforming cannon to its third and final mode, the missile launcher. Once activated, the Gunner sets the weapon on its base, which enables them to rain down explosive rockets and deal enormous amounts of damage to both single targets and entire groups of enemies.

In the missile launcher mode, the Gunner's cannon has the longest range of all the ranged classes found in Skyforge! However, it’s important to note that while in this mode the Gunner is unable to move, forcing the player to pay careful attention to their surroundings for fear of being caught out in the open. The missile launcher requires a special resource, projectiles, which are a limited resource that’s slowly restored over time.

In addition to their transforming cannon, the Gunner has access to numerous cc abilities that can slow, stun and knock enemies down, enabling them to keep their enemies at a distance while playing solo. They are powerful allies in team battles and with the right build, can cause opponents to take increased damage both from the Gunner and their allies. In this scenario, the whole team would see the greatest benefit by concentrating their attacks on the Gunner's designated target!

As a ranged DPS class, the Gunner's primary role is to engage and eliminate enemy targets as quickly as possible. While their allies are fighting on the frontlines, drawing the enemies' attention to themselves, the Gunner can select targets and focus on inflicting massive amounts of damage from afar. In order to inflict the maximum amount of damage, players will want to stay well behind the "tanks" and hit the farthest targets using the missile launcher firing mode!


Basic Abilities:

Full Auto Full Auto (mini-gun mode) - Accurate fire that inflicts damage to a single target. Using this ability increases the weapon’s heat level. The ability continues to fire for as long as you hold down the button.

Pulse Shot Pulse Shot (plasma rifle mode) - Consumes heat energy built up from the mini-gun mode and inflicts moderate damage to a single target.

Missile Salvo Missile Salvo (missile launcher mode) - Launches projectiles at the selected enemy, inflicting significant damage. The attack continues for as long as you hold down the button or until you’ve consumed all your stored rockets.

Rapid Fire Rapid Fire (mini-gun mode) - Inflicts damage to enemies in a large cone in front of the Gunner. The attack continues for as long as you hold down the button.

Plasma Stream Plasma Stream (plasma rifle mode) - A focused beam that inflicts great damage to the selected enemy for 3 seconds.

Homing Guidance System Homing Guidance System(missile launcher mode) - Launches several projectiles that hit up to 5 enemies in a large area in front of the Gunner. Each projectile inflicts moderate damage to its target.

Plasma Field Plasma Field - Creates a force field in the selected area. Enemies caught in the field have their movement speed reduced by 50% and take damage over time. If Pulse Shot is fired at the field, a chain reaction is triggered, inflicting additional damage to all enemies in the field.

Power Barrier Power Barrier - Creates a shield that absorbs damage for 6 seconds. If the shield is destroyed, it causes a shockwave that slows down nearby enemies by 50% and inflicts moderate damage.

Teleport Beacon Teleport Beacon - The Gunner sets up a beacon at a selected location. When used again, the character is teleported to the position of the beacon.

Elimination Elimination - The Gunner launches a homing grenade at the target which accelerates during the flight and explodes on impact, tearing the target apart. Available when the target has a small amount of health remaining.

Orbital Strike Orbital Strike (Ultimate Ability) - Using laser guidance, the Gunner calls in a devastating artillery barrage. All targets caught in the blast take massive damage before a secondary explosion stuns them for a certain amount of time.


We have listed only a few of the Gunner's abilities. In the future, we will add a detailed list and description of all the Gunner's skills on our website.

The Gunner's talents are primarily aimed at strengthening their attacks. For example, if the base damage of the machine gun seems too low, you can greatly enhance it with the "Auto-Aim" talent. "Auto-Aim" also increases the range of your shots while in the machine gun mode. There are also some rather unusual talents which are unique to this class.

The Temporal Duplicate talent, for example, allows you to teleport your character back to the position they originally teleported away from within five seconds of activating the ‘Teleport Beacon’ ability. Upon teleporting, the talent also increases your movement speed and reduces all incoming damage. Combined with the talent ‘Engineer Training’, which reduces the Beacon's cooldown, this provides your character with much greater mobility. Another interesting talent is the ‘Chip of Self-Destruction’, which explodes and inflicts significant damage to all nearby enemies in the event the Gunner is defeated. Other talents can increase the maximum number of missile launcher projectiles, reduce the duration of enemy cc effects and partially absorb incoming damage.


Fans of heavy weapons will definitely enjoy playing the Gunner. With its numerous firing modes, the Gunner is not the easiest class to play, but those who master it will appreciate the flexibility of its abilities and the massive damage the class can bring to any tactical environment.